Day 4Edit

"Phew, that was close. I got a little scared when I saw my name come up. Obviously someone was working with Daniel. I think it's Nick, but you can never be sure..."


"Ugh, that was supposed to be an easy vote. I suppose in a way it was but emotionally it was harder than I'd originally thought.

We had 5 people fully participate in the challenge and lost due to penalties incurred by inactives Trev, Nick and Daniel. It was kind of an unspoken agreement between the 5 of us that participated that one of the inactive three would have to go. Trev at least submitted, even if he messed up and still got penalised, so there's hope that he'll participate in future challenges. Apparently, Nick guessed at the other tribe's lies so he did half the challenge. Daniel didn't do anything so our decision was pretty much made for us. And there wouldn't have been any problem except of course Daniel finally makes contact right before I'm about to vote. Unfortunately it was too little too late and we couldn't really go changing the vote. So all he acheived was making an easy vote something I now feel slightly guilty about.

In better news, things seem to be going well for me game-wise. My efforts to make myself visible amongst my tribe seemed to pay off as George and Szymon have both approached me separately. I don't like approaching people for alliances so I sort of just got to know both of them and an alliance naturally formed from that. Szymon and I haven't talked much about the actual game, we just started by talking generally but I feel like we've formed quite a good bond and agreed to look out for one another. My talks with George are much more game-oriented. He seems very intelligent and definitely has his head in the game. We formed an alliance which I'm really happy with. George is a good ally. He knows what's best for both of us and how to get us further in the game. My only concern is he may be getting slightly ahead of himself. He's confident our tribe will dominate in challenges but I'm not ready to make that claim yet. I mean, we did lose the first one.

The first challenge kind of created a silent alliance between the 5 participators: George, Szymon, Emma, Nathan and I. Nothing was said between us but I feel like there's an unspoken agreement that if we lose again, the 'inactives' Nick and Trev will be on the chopping block. George wanted to formalise this alliance and he's got Szymon and Nathan on board. I think I'm in a good position within this alliance. I've really only properly talked to George and Szymon but I think they would both turn to me before each other or Emma and Nathan. So I don't think I'm at risk of being voted out any time soon but I need to make provisions for the future. It's only early but it's possible there'll be a tribe swap and I could fall straight into a minority. So I can't get too comfortable."


"Well Daniel has been the first person voted off of Survivor: Antarctica. Isn't it soooo sad to see an inactive go so early? *rolls eyes* Well, another person out is another chance for me to place higher. Sucks for Vostok though to lose a tribe mate. They already are the minority considering that they're the less known tribe, but they seem to be pretty decent in challenges considering that we only beat them by two points AFTER the deductions. They would've SWEPT us if it weren't for those bloody things. Well, trivia/ guessing maybe isn't our strong suit, but with the Reward Challenge up for grabs, PLUS our 50 point head start, I'm pretty confident that we have the next challenge in our pocket. I don't know how I managed to get on a tribe as great as mine, but I'm pretty glad to be on it.

So this is what it's like to play with the big leagues. I feel like I'm a Laura B. on my tribe, but obviously not too stand-outish. It kind of sucks feeling like the annoying one in the tribe, but it is what it is. At least I'm getting to around the same scores as everyone else. Except Alfons, he's really good at challenges. At first the game wasn't even working because it was lagging too much, but thank god it stopped when it did. I need to prove that I'm just as much as a team player as everyone else is. I have an alliance with Joshie, Alfons, Zachary, and possible Mark or Dallas, which ever is easier to take under our wing. Alfons won't be around long, he'll hopefully be gone pre-merge, because if not, he'll win immunity every time. I really hope that this alliance works, especially since I kind of trust Joshie. If I were to take anyone to the end, it'd probably be either Joshie, or Zachary. Or both depending on how FTC is set up. But as for now, I'm definitely leaning more towards Zachary. If all else fails, then manipulation will start to play in the game, which hopefully I won't have to do until after merge, as long as I make it of course. I'm trying to lay low and not be too strategic yet. I'll play their game until it's time for the true player inside to be released. I know I can do this. I just have to get myself to believe it."


"Because I can’t leave well enough alone I’ve gone and done something which is possibly very risky. It may help me get further in the game or it may just blow up in my face.

George seems to be rather privy to the goings-on at Knob. Someone over there is feeding him information and I’d love to know who. According to George, Knob is divided into two factions: pro-Alfons and anti-Alfons. Brian is leading the anti-Alfons brigade, which Zachary is also a part of. I would guess that Blaine and Josh are the most likely supporters of Alfons but that’s not based on any actual evidence. People on Knob are trying to eliminate Alfons early on because they see him as a threat.

Hearing this, I’m compelled to try and help Alfons last at least one tribal council. Partly on an emotional level because I’m against pre-game alliances and the anti-Alfons alliance was supposedly formed pre-game. Also, Alfons supported me in the Player of the Season ‘scandal’ so I’d like to repay the favour. There are also game benefits to helping him. I always like to have one person people want gone before me, and if people view him as such a big threat they’re probably going to target him before me. Plus, as long as he stays on Knob there’ll be divisions on the tribe which will weaken them as a group and opens up possibilities at the merge to pull some of them over.

Now, not actually being on Knob, I’m limited in what I can do to help Alfons but if you don’t want people targeting someone you’ve got to give them someone else to target, and the easiest way to do that is have them believe THEY are being targeted. I contacted Mark saying that Zachary was targeting the ‘biggest threats’: Alfons for the first vote, then Mark and Dallas next as they were both runners-up on the main ORG wiki. Maybe this won’t change anything. Maybe Mark is already aligned with Alfons or he’s aligned with Zachary and won’t believe me. But there’s a chance that Mark, by himself or with Dallas, will team up with Alfons to eliminate Zachary. Of course I run the risk of Mark telling everyone what I’ve done and then everyone is against me but that’s just part of the fun."


"Oh my God! Why am I in this tribe! The moment I saw who my tribe mates are I couldn't explain how nervous I am. There's Alfons, a winner from the Survivor ORG, there's Brian, I sent confessionals to him in one of his ORGS so he kinda know my game play, then there's Dallas and me, two of the Survivor ORG's runner up. Ha this is insane! I heard rumors that some people want us out because of our previous games. Like what the f*ck! Really? And now I'm kinda torn between alliances. Ha I hate it! Please make a tribe switch happen. Please!"


Day 5Edit

"I can't do the challenge today and that makes me mad. I really want to participate, but I don't have the time. I was only home for 2 hours and having to figure out what was going on and getting other things done, I realized I didn't have time to play since I had to leave my house. Well my tribe had realllyyyy good scores, so hopefully they'll sit me out and everyone will actually submit this time.. -cough Brian cough-

We would've won rewards if he didn't "forget" to submit his score.. Well all I know is that he thinks that he isn't going to get voted off, but as far as I know it'll be a unanimous blindside. Unless we decide to split the votes, but I think doing it all unanimously would show that he was in welcomed on our tribe especially since he was a last minutes add in. I just really want to prove that I'm an essential part in this tribe, like a puzzle piece. We can all work together and prove we're the best by doing this. We need collaborative work which some tribe members lack in."


"Alfons, Blaine, Brian, Dallas, Joshie, Taylorr, Zach and Me.

Here's what I know, Taylorr and Joshie and Alfons are close. The others are of the shackles. Taylorr invited me for an alliance. So that makes, Tay, Josh, Me, and Alfs. Then Tay said he could invite Zach. That makes five. Majority. But. But Zach is against Alfons and all the runner ups, which is me and Dallas. I asked Dallas for an alliance and he's cool with it. I asked Brian for an alliance. I suggest we add Blaine. But then Brian is against Alfs and he wants to add Zach to the alliance. But with Zach wanting us "threats" out, it's obviously a big problem. Here's what I think though. Alfons, Me, Dallas, Taylor and Joshie could make a majority alliance. It could work but it's like we're walking targets and at any moment anyone of them could turn against us. I should weigh my chances very surely. Creating an alliance of Alf, me, Dallas, Taylor, Joshie is a big red waving flag. Going with Brian and Zach in ousting Alfons is one step closer to my snuffed torch."


"For all who are watching, this is an opportunity to show my alliances. Although I have been delayed by daily commitments outside of the game, I'll take this weekend to show where I stand. Anyways, after the challenge, I have formed an alliance between Nathan, Ben, Szymon, and myself. We are the main alliance in Vostok, and we've controlled all tribals so far. It's because I have an alliance with Emma and a separate alliance with Trev, so I have been able to work them to do what I want. Although I've not been a target, I have an alliance with every single member of the tribe except for Daniel (although Nick doesn't listen), and I control the votes, telling both alliance members and non-alliance members exactly what to do, and them just falling in line. I've been able to exact my political will over the entire tribe, and I very much look forward to the merge, where hopefully our tribe can dominate and take this thing by storm."


Day 6Edit

"And this is why I don't like people.

Forgive my naivety but rules only seem to apply when they benefit the right people. The immunity challenge was a farce. It's fairly apparent the point of the game was to bounce the ball in the air as many times as possible, not freeze it in mid-air and spam the space button. And of course this happens right after I try to help Alfons. I can tell you that plan has definitely been put on ice. Alfons complained that people were making pre-game alliances to target him and that was a breach of rules. Yet he has no qualms turning around and exploiting a challenge's flaws. I'm actually really upset that I wanted to help him because I thought he was a nice person and I didn't want to see him voted out first. But it's quite obvious he only looks out for himself. Whatever. I don't have the emotional fortitude to play this game. I can't screen out the personal aspect. There are people I can't help liking and I want them to do well regardless of whether it benefits me strategically. I'll probably be targeted now for speaking up about this. Ugh. Whatever. Better to be alone than in bad company."


"We won immunity again! Woooot! And then the other tribe is protesting! Hahahahaha it's not our fault we found the glitch...w..w..wait! They found the glitch! I only submitted a score of 10, they submitted thousands. Still the other tribe is a loser and I'm just glad we won."


"So, Nick at first comes up to me and says he wants Nathan out. He's been my target for being the only person left that 1. Voted for Trev and 2. I don't have a tight alliance with. Then, he targeted Emma, and after that, he targeted Nathan yet again, after targeting Trev a few days ago. After that, he said that Ben & Nathan were in an alliance (which they are, but they're not the only ones :D), and that we should take them down. Every few minutes he changes his entire strategy, and it's gotten out of hand. he constantly comes after almost all of my core allies, and no one knows where his head is. One thing's for certain, I've got enough votes to turn this thing against him. I've got my 4-strong alliance which Trev has now joined, so it's 5-strong, and Emma has plenty of screenshots of him targeting her, so her vote should be very easy. I'd be surprised if a single person sides with Nick."