Day 10Edit

"Well, it worked. Trev is out. I am happy. We didn't trust him, Emma stays. Try and betray your alliance now, George!"


"What a series of unfortunate events... well for the others in that manner. I am in SUCH an amazing spot in this game right now. I have been blessed by the ORG fairies to be this lucky. I'm now on a tribe with Alfons, Blaine, George, Szymon, Zachary, and me. If this isn't luck, then I don't know what is. We're definitely the ultimate dream team.

With Blaine starting to trust me, I think I'd take him close to the end with me. He seems like a pretty cool dude. Alfons is well.. Alfons. He's barely talking to anyone but that's okay because I'm sure he'll be going soon. As long as everything works out as planned, we should be all set. Blaine and I might convince the others to throw the challenge, and not for Joshie's benefit, but if Joshie wants to think we're doing it for him, then so be it.

Blaine also shared with me that he had the idol. I'm really glad that he trusts me with this information, and I now know that I can trust him as well. I know I can go far in this game now, especially with Blaine. Joshie seems to think that the original knob tribe is an alliance itself. He also thinks we're going to throw the challenge in order for him to stay in this game. Well, sorry Joshie, we're only throwing the next few challenges to help us instead of you."


"Damn these idols. If they turn out not to exist I will punch someone out. Although that could make for an interesting twist if everyone thought there were idols in play but there actually weren't. Regardless of their existence I give up looking for them. But they could still be helpful, say if I were to spread a rumour someone had the idol. And I think it's helped support my fledgling little alliance with Josh.

But first, the tribe switch. Of course my closest allies George and Szymon both end up on the other tribe and now I'm a Knob. Oh the indignity of it all. Luckily, my tribe has an even division between 3 old Vostoks and 3 old Knobs. (lol, old knobs). My position is less precarious than George and Szymon's where they're 2 vs. 4. I knew what George would suggest and sure enough he's been hinting that nuKnob needs to lose the next two immunities otherwise he and Szymon will be picked off. That's probably true but I'm the one who has to take the risk of surviving the next two votes if I go ahead and throw the challenges. I would consider it if I can find a likely defector out of Josh, Mark or Dallas that will vote with Emma, Nathan and I for at least the first vote. George suggested I try to turn Mark and Dallas against Josh so of course who messages me? Josh! I feel like Josh could be a good ally and is probably the most likely of the three to turn on his old tribe mates. After failing at the idol clue, I decided to share it with him and tried to work it out together. We got nowhere but I maybe earned some trust from him and showed I'm willing to work with him."


"So, there's a tribe swap, and all of the sudden I've gone from the top of the world to the chopping block. I tried to reedem myself from that happening in PNG, and it seems as if today has been a deja vu, and I'm watching PNG in slow motion. I'm panicking quite a bit, and I don't know if I can save myself. Our alliance is 3-3 tied on Knob and it's down 4-2 on Vostok, and quite frankly we've got to fight hard to just break even at the merge. We have to keep all 5 members safe and send 2 of theirs packing, and that's a fate that seems to be quite removed from the current situation. All we can do is get Knob to throw challenges, maybe convince Mark and vote out Dallas & Joshie. It's rife with risks, and almost doomed to fail, but there's no way to get through Survivor without risks. We as a group of 5 have got a bumpy, turbulent 6 days ahead of us, and it's going to be a daily struggle for safety and advancement in the game."


"The sun has risen for me :D After voting out Brian, I thought my game was over. I was sure I was going next if we lost an immunity challenge. Luckily for me, a tribe switch happened and Alfons, Zachary, Taylor and I were moved over to the Vostok tribe with George and Szymon. Taylor and I have already begun plotting ways we can take over this game. c:"


Day 11Edit

"What do you know, just when I thought I was on the way out, there's a saving grace. Blaine has approached me about flipping, saying that he wanted to vote for Joshie instead of Brian, and that he's not comfortable in the Knob tribe, as he's on the way out there. Honestly, there's no way this could go any better. In one foul swoop, I have seen the Vostok tribe go from 4-2 sending me out to 3-3, guaranteeing me at least potentially a chance to stay in this game if for some reason Vostok loses immunity despite Blaine, Alfons, and myself on the same tribe. This game went from trying to take me out to taking me through to the merge, potentially to the end. Through Alfons' horrible leadership of Knob, we can potentially turn this game on its head, allowing lesser-known Vostoks to turn the tables on the 'All-Stars' at Knob, taking the tribe that was chosen with less popular contestants by definition and showing the real all-stars here."


"I kneww it! Tribe switch! Even, if now my situation isn't the best on the world, i really like it, cause it's like restart of the game!

I just need to keep working with George, and start to bulid some strong relationship with Blaine, i have no other choice than just trust him, and frame our way to the merge. We just need to win the challenges, and hoping that our old Vostok buddies will be able to vote out Dallas and Joshie.."


"I definitely do not like the tribe switch. Well, I do, but I don't. It has its perks, but the downfalls are vast. For one, George has been way too annoying about my score for the rewards challenge. I'm sorry I cannot control my ability in playing a flash game. I'm sorry that I don't waste my entire time playing a flash game. There are certainly more important things for me to focus on like work and school, but come on. It's a rewards challenge. R E W A R D S C H A L L E N G E. It's really not that important. Like, yeah it'll give us an advantage, but having Alfons, Cesar, and George, who are AMAZING at flash games, on my tribe, it doesn't worry me that my score is merely "average."

The positives, currently, are that I'm in a really good spot so far. Being on a kick ass tribe, I don't have to worry about going to tribal council, let alone be a target for the next boot. Also, I have stellar alliances. There's "Original Knob," which obviously consists of the original Knob members, minus Brian of course. Then I have an alliance within that alliance, which is me, Joshie, Alfons, and Mark. Original Knob may not remain an alliance for long considering my other alliances will have a bigger impact on my game play. Now that there is a tribe switch, my alliances on this tribe are more significant to me. I have an alliance with Cesar, George, and Szymon, but within that alliance, I have a separate alliance with Cesar. Even if we didn't technically mention it to one another, it's assumed because he told me he got the idol, and that takes a lot of trust to tell someone something like that. Zachary is a total floater in this whole mess.

Cesar and I are going to get the others to throw the next upcoming challenge. Not only will it make the Original Knob members on the other tribe feel safe, but it will help us take out Alfons. Next, we'll do the same thing to take out George. Then hopefully merge will happen and then Cesar and I can reunite, or unite, with a few others to make a power alliance in the game. I feel pretty confident so far, but I don't want this to come back and bite me in the ass."


"Like Mel C once said, starting at next Tribal Council and from then on, things will never be the same again. Not to be melodramatic, but these next two Tribal Councils will determine who's in power at the merge and set the scene for how the rest of the game will play out. After the double Tribal Council the 5 of us on Vostok had hoped to win the next two immunity challenges and go into the merge at 5-5. The tribe switch makes that slightly more complicated. If Vostok loses, it seems almost certain that George or Szymon will be eliminated. George has been working on Blaine and thinks he can bring him over to our side at merge but that Blaine wouldn't risk a 3-3 tie on Vostok. Our only real chance of getting the 5 original Vostok to merge is for Knob to lose the next two challenges. To get Nathan, Emma and I through, we need to get an original Knob to flip to our side. It's now obvious that Josh won't flip. Mark is a possibility though. If George is correct, Blaine and Mark were originally against Alfons and know they're on the outs of their original tribemates. I've told Mark that Josh and Alfons have the hidden immunity idols and they're basically a power duo that will rule the merge... unless they can be stopped before they reunite! Mark seems to agree with the threat levels of Alfons and Josh and I'm trying to slowly convince him to flip.

I can't rely on him flipping though so I've got to have a backup plan. And as the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them... and beat them later.

So Josh asked me to flip to his side. I can see the benefits of doing this. If Vostok enters the merge in the minority we're very limited in the moves we can make. Josh has promised me final 5 if I flip but there's no way of knowing if he's being truthful. So it's a tricky situation. There's no point going down with a sinking ship but I don't want to jump unless it's truly sinking. And I know why Josh wants me to flip. It's 3-3 on Knob and someone needs to flip or it goes to rocks. Now, no one ever wants it to actually go to rocks but it doesn't mean that the purple rock tiebreaker isn't useful. No one wants to go to rocks, which means I can use the threat of taking it to rocks as leverage. If I actually flip I want some sort of guarantee that I don't just go out 8th after the other Vostoks. So I casually mentioned to Josh that it was risky for me to flip and I might as well just take the risk of the purple rock. He very quickly offered me a new deal. If I flipped, he'd give me his idol at final 7. First, so much for promising to tell me if he found the idol! What a minx! (Sidebar: Damn that idol. I still have no idea where it is). I negotiated that I would flip right here, right now if he gave me the idol at final 10 and if kept me around to final 6 I would hand him back the idol. That way, it's mutually beneficial to keep me around. He agreed to that and I agreed to flipping. So somehow I've turned into the villain. Let it be known I at least played the first quarter of the game with some modicum of honour and loyalty.

I actually quite like the flipping plan. I can flip and get to the merge. And damn I want to get my hands on that idol. If Josh is being genuine with me I can get to final 6. If he actually gives me the idol I might be able to pull off some maneuver with it. And if I ever feel in danger then I'll play it. He's only getting it back if I want him to. Then there's the other possibility. I throw the challenges and vote out Emma and Nathan. At merge, Josh gives me the idol. By then I think we can convince Mark and Blaine they don't have a chance going with Alfons and chums. So that would give us 5: George, Szymon, Blaine, Mark and me. Playing the double agent, I find out who Alfons and co. are voting for and I give that person the idol. Boom! We don't need no stinking majority to get our way. But of course we would then have the majority 5-4. Strategically, it would be best if I could get Mark to flip now and we vote out Dallas and Josh. (Sidebar: Apparently Nathan and Dallas have a little alliance. They better not be plotting anything that will spoil my plans.) I'd be in a much better and safer position within my alliance. But we'll have to see. That depends on me getting Mark to actually flip. And... me actually going with the strategically best move. If I can get Mark on my side the safest and callous option is to blindside Josh. But I don't really want to... If he's being genuine with me and giving me this chance to save myself and get further in the game then I don't want to turn around and backstab him because I've got something better lined up.

Seriously, one of the hardest parts of this game is balancing the strategic elements with the emotional and personal elements. Voting people out sucks but staying in the game is good. Such a dilemma!"


"*Breathes Deeply* It's been a few day since I got online again. A lot have happened - unpredictable things. Brian is now gone. Trev from the other tribe is now gone. And the the tribe switch! where, I ended up with Benj, Emma, Nathan, Dallas, and Joshie. Three Knob. Three Vostok. I am sure still going with my Knob mates. Joshie are the one trying to convince anyone from the other tribe to flip. Which is, perhaps, beneficial to me. If Josh keeps on representing himself to those three, he could end up voted out. And then the idol! I found where it is but someone already got it! I think Josh have it, which is a really really bad thing."


"And another is on the chopping block. Little does he know that he is on the chopping block. Alfons will soon be gone and everything will be alright with the world. We're throwing the challenge. George doesn't know. George thinks that we're going to dominate this next challenge but with only him, Alfons, and Zachary doing the challenge, we're hoping we lose. Then the votes will be split 4-2 between Alfons and whoever Zachary and Alfons vote for.

George is really stupid trying to tell me that Alfons is targeting me. Hahahahahahaha like you actually think I believe that? Well then he must be a damn idiot! Little does he know that Cesar, Szymon, and I now have an F3 alliance. I'm not sure how long Szymon will last, but I mean he's only in cause he's in love with me. It's a bit annoying, but I mean hey, if it helps my game play then I might as well deal with it. Also, apparently Zachary wants to blindside me because I'm "too bright." Well he has a point. Yeah I mean I'm pretty strategic and smart with these types of decisions, but I mean no one notices my smaller scaled moves that will help me get to FTC. (;

So Alfons will be going next. George will be right after him. Then hopefully merge will happen and then we have the numbers to completely blindside Joshie. From there, we'll vote Mark, then maybe Dallas. Either that, or Cesar and I will keep Dallas around and take out some original Vostok. All I know is that I will be taking Cesar as far as I possibly can."


Day 12Edit

"So, a lot has happened since my last confessional. First, Zachary has attempted to get us to blindside Taylor, and because of that she's with us 100%. I'm pretty sure we have Cesar & Taylor, and it feels fantastic. We went from the top to the bottom and back to the top again, and that's a reason I love this game quite a lot. People flip faster than one can ever realize, and it's playing right into my hands. So, anyways, the plan is to split the votes. Taylor and I will vote for Zachary, and Cesar & Szymon will vote for Alfons, with them voting for whoever they want. I would guess that I'll be receiving those 2 votes, but from what I've heard, I'd be wrong. This is a critical vote, because it's all over if Cesar or Taylor flip against me. I doubt it, but I could be wrong on this front."


"My indecisiveness is killing me. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to make up my mind with which direction I want to take for the next two votes. I've consigned myself to the fact that we're almost definitely going to Tribal Council. Vostok's reward of 2 extra minutes will destroy us unless they have people not submitting.

So... George keeps asking me how I'm going with getting Mark to flip and I keep saying I'm trying but... I'm not. I know the strategically best move is to get Mark to flip and vote out Josh and Dallas but I think it'll be more fun if I flip. You know, have things really tight at merge, have a few different avenues I can explore. Plus, I really haven't talked much with Emma and Nathan. George says Emma talks to him and is loyal to him so that's just another person in his pocket. If only the next two boots could be Dallas and Zachary. No offense to them but I just don't care whether they're here or not. I haven't talked to them and they're yet to have any bearing on my game so it wouldn't affect me if they left. As long as I make the merge. That's what matters. Keep on trucking and so on."


"So, Szymon comes up to me, convinced that the challenge should be thrown. He thinks that we should throw the challenge, get Alfons out, and then Knob should throw the challenge and get rid of one of the Knob contestants. This would be risky for Szymon & I, but it would allow our Vostok buddies 3 extra days to convince Mark to flip, which could change it from a 3-3 to a 4-2 vote. It's a risk, but the reward is momentous. I've talked to Emma & Nathan, and they have agreed to throw the challenge next time in order to save myself and Szymon. I'll have to talk to Ben later. I'm extremely nervous about going home at this tribal, and there is a good chance I'm being lied to. I think that might just be paranoia, but we'll have to wait and see if it's justified."


"The commander will fall. It's time for us to dethrone George of his self assumed right to dictated our tribe and tell us what we need to do and not to do. This is a revolt, a revolution, a start of a new day! It hasn't even happened and I'm already loving it. George is being the equivalent of any other terrible dictator that emerged from the poverty of crappy countries.

Szymon, Cesar, and I are throwing the challenge. Hopefully The other tribe does well enough to beat Alfons and George. I mean, it is a quiz type challenge, so chances are with only two, cause Zachary isn't the greatest at things, vs six, Alfons will be going and George will flip. Everyone thinks Alfons has the idol though, so hopefully our plan works. It's time we take out Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Cesar thinks I should tell Szymon I have the idol. I'm not sure how good of an idea that is. I mean, I trust Szymon, but he's too buddy-buddy with George. I don't want to risk getting the boot because of a lie.

Holy shit I can't believe it. Szymon told George we're throwing the challenge and George is actually okay with it. It's about time he realizes who shouldn't make the decisions around here. Thank god all is set with the world."


"The plan is set in motion at Vostok. Cesar & I are voting for Zachary, while Szymon and Taylor are voting for Alfons. In addition, I'm sure it's no surprise that we threw the challenge to exercise the plan. I sent in a score, but the plan to throw it was created after I had sent in my score, at which point I could only tell others not to submit. So at least from what I can gauge, Szymon and I are safe this tribal council. But I heard from Alfons that he's voting for Zachary, which could shake up our plans. I don't think he will, I really doubt it. So, I immediately told Zachary. No harm done if Zachary's 100% in Alfons' camp and for some reason tells him, and if he isn't, it might actually go as a 3-2-1 vote, with Alfons and Zachary being the 2 highest vote-getters. If this is successful, it will be a miracle. I'm pretty sure that Cesar and Taylor are loyal to me, I'd just be very surprised if we can actually get Alfons out in 12th. It would be amazing to actually get the proclaimed ruler of the ORG out of the game, as he's a huge strategic, mental, social, and challenge threat. He's a great player by every meaning of the word, which is exactly why he has to go now, and why people have turned against him."


"Okay, just how was the plan - we throwed the challenge! To do a smart move and vote out Alfons, probably with idol in his pocket!

Even if Alfons just woke up and trying to play on us and messing up things.. But looks like it's too late for him! Hopefully everybody will stick with the plan, and tonight, Alfons or Zachary will send home! Right now i give my trust for Blaine and Taylor, and yeah i wish us 3 for the finalss"


"I'm making a few confessionals as I'm paranoid, that's all. I have my head in the game, and 1 slip-up could be fatal. My chances of going home tonight are astronomical, and I have no idea what's going to happen. If I go home, I had an amazing 12 days, controlling the Vostok tribe and putting up a good fight in new Vostok. If I go home, I will have put up a good fight, and I have no regrets. I know I'm on the chopping block, just may the best man (or woman) win! This tribal is critical for not only my safety but the safety of all Vostok members, as with the independence of all Knob members. It's critically important, and everyone's game in the entire game rely on the votes of Taylor and Cesar. I cannot stress how important this is, and this next tribal could turn this game on its head. or not. Our "GCTS" alliance (I created the name as a kiss-ass move towards Cesar's JCTY alliance, and it stands for George, Cesar, Taylor, Szymon) must stay loyal or all of Vostok and indeed all of Knob are screwed except for Joshie, Alfons, and Zachary. Either this game belongs to the anti-Alfons brigade, or the Shephard's Herd 2.0. We will just have to see."


"Oh sweet merciful Zeus, what am I doing?!!!

Well, I know what I'm doing, I just don't quite know what the result will be. George and Szymon are confident they have Blaine and Taylor on board to vote out Alfons but they don't know if Blaine and Taylor will actually stay aligned with us once they've achieved their goal of eliminating Alfons. So the course of action seems pretty clear. If those four are united under the common goal of eliminating Alfons then you keep him in to keep them united. I suggested to George they should vote out Zachary instead, saying that Alfons may play the idol (I don't actually know if he has it but he's the most likely). Getting rid of him has three benefits: it keeps Alfons around as a threat to others and a shield to me, it gets rid of a loyal pawn for Blaine and Taylor thus reducing their options, and it keeps Alfons in the game who's more interesting than Zachary. So they're splitting the vote 2 on Alfons and 2 on Zachary. Then I took a big gamble and told Josh and Alfons about the planned blindside. I made it very clear that all Alfons had to do was vote Zachary (granted Zachary votes for one of the other four; if he votes for Alfons then there's nothing I can do). I implored Josh and Alfons not to confront Blaine and Taylor because then everyone's going to know I revealed the plan. I just know Alfons won't be able to leave well enough alone but I've got to hope he doesn't drag my name into it. Hopefully the Tribal Council doesn't turn into a total shit storm, Zachary gets eliminated, and no one knows I had anything to do with it. The great thing is before any of this happened Alfons told George he and everyone else was voting for Zachary. I doubt at the time that was in any way true but it sets a precedent for Alfons voting Zachary and George should be able to accept that Alfons genuinely wanted to eliminate Zachary or he felt he was in danger... whatever, he should be able to accept it without thinking anyone revealed the plan.

Even though I'm acting like a total hot mess at the moment I think things are going well at the moment. I hating making decisions so why not try a little compromise? I'm going to attempt to remain in the middle of both sides for as long as possible. If the vote goes as predicted then I've given Josh and Alfons proof that I can be trusted and I'm on their side. Plus, they can no longer trust Blaine and Taylor. As long as my part in this drama goes unrevealed George and Szymon still think I'm on their side.

Now I've just got to decide what to do for the next vote. I actually talked with Mark and I think I got him on board to eliminate Josh. Of course, that's another hassle because I don't actually want Josh out but he was the easiest to rally Mark against. My two options are either vote out Dallas and make Josh believe Mark flipped without my knowledge or vote out Nathan and make George believe Mark refused to flip or Nathan was plotting with Dallas. Lol, neither option is actually easy. But it should all make for an interesting merge. That's what's important. And I'm not going to be the merge boot. That's also very important.

There's no way I can keep this up for the whole game. I've just got to hope when it all comes crashing down the game is far enough along that I can survive the last few rounds."


"So, today I woke up to see that Alfons had sent me a screenshot of Cesar betraying me while talking with Alfons, but things don't add up. Cesar is turning against his own plan, the linguistics are a bit off, and he posted it at ~2:35 in the morning in his time zone. Some things didn't add up, so I confronted Cesar about it. Turns out those were fakes! Cesar showed the right screenshots, and the plan is going as before, and at the end I felt even better about Cesar & Taylor being loyal. So, I decided to go on the offensive with this opportunity. Alfons told us to vote for Zachary to save ourselves because he has the idol (he might, he might not, he had the picture for the Vostok idol so he almost certainly has it) and because we don't have enough people to split the votes (which we do). So, I decided to tell Zachary everything. I didn't open my figurative mouth, I just sent him the screenshots and let them speak for themselves. So, if everything works out (which it did), we have 2 votes for each of them, and Zachary voting for Alfons making it 3-2-1. I'm holding in my utter joy, because that's my next confessional, as this one's a bit long :)"