Day 26Edit

WELL SHIT. I drew rocks twice, and now we are even in numbers. IF the other alliance wants me to flip, they just have to vote Mitch. And I will vote him. But they aren't gonna. So looks like im gonna have to try and make them.

–Monkey strategy talk has happened since no challenge of any kind has been posted. I wonder why. I just think I might try and vote Mitch out.


Well...this is sort of a BS challenge since the other team has Gerda. WHO CAN CREATE ANYTHING ON A COMPUTER. And on my team. I can either vote to get CJ out. Or Vote to Get Mitch out. Its gonna be who I personally want out.


THANK YOU! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

This is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for. This is my opportunity to make a move in the game!

Right now, we're divided into teams and it's Blaine, Gerda, Dallas, Charley, and I. Blaine, Gerda, and I are super tight. And we're on a team with Charley. We immediately got together and made a decision to throw the upcoming challenge and take out Charley! If we can make this work, this will be our breakthrough to get more of a footing in the game, hopefully this will work.


Well...I wanted either CJ or Mitch out. But looks like I cant get the numbers. And if its true that Will is playing both sides. He has to go since that is my job to be in the middle. Not him.


Day 27Edit

Well, I am 100% grade A fucked. I was basically told that by everybody.

My tribe wasn't helping me with the challenge, I thought I would try it today, long story short we didn't submit so we are going to tribal and I am going home.

I did try and convince Bailey to vote Gerda... I fought hard. I have nothing to lose at this point, if this vote doesn't work than I am fucked to the highest degree. I'm voting for Gerda, hopefully Dallas will, and hopefully Bailey will but I doubt it.

It sucks... But what can you do. It does have some comfort knowing that they needed to have me cornered with no allies to get me out. But still. I'm trying.