tribe is a group of contestants competing on DrPanda ORG. Tribes were introduced in Survivor: Kiribati.


Bold Text Merged Tribe
Italic Text Dissolved Tribe
Regular Text Lasted until merge

Survivor Tribecolors Per Season
Orange Yellow Green Blue Red Magenta Brown Purple Black White
Kiribati Motu Manulu Tenei
Japan Taiyou Shinto Fuji Sakura Sanzoku
India Kudaya Kabilā Suryasta
Antarctica Knob Radok Vostok
All-Stars Sâo Paulo Manaus Fortaleza Puta Sorpresa Feijoada
France Champagne Traître Vérité Fidele
Mexico Michoacán Querétaro Tãco Ola Múertè
Sri Lanka Matale Damballa Ankuri
Nigeria Ibadan Kano Lagos
El Salvador Agua Fuego Tierra Aire


  • With 6 uses, Green is the most commonly occurring tribe color.
  • With only 1 use, Brown is the least used tribe color.

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