Day 1Edit

"I played this game before in Korea, I was a little bastard and I crashed and burnt. Well this season I'm back still a little bastard but I'm going to win this damn game this time! I see no real competitors here except for myself. I am ready, I've come here to do two things, chew gum and play survivor, and I'm fresh out of gum!"


"So it seems that I was wrong to trust Jake. Wojtek told me that Aidan, Luke and Hoenn formed an alliance called "The Swaggy alliance" and that Jake joined them. The Swaggy alliance?? REALLY?! That has got to be one of the worst alliance names EVER. If I named my alliance "The mystical Indian bears" it would be far better! I mean, at least I don't go along with the gray mass and don't use expressions such as YOLO and SWAG on a daily basis. I actually aspire to speak in proper English words, not acronyms.

Oh, and also, it seems Luke wants me out cause "I am annoying and I have won already". Well, after he said Korea was "the shittiest season ever", I don't like him either. So he can for sure expect that I am going to put up a fight. As for the challenge itself, I am getting a really good score. So far I have over 300 000 and I hope to get more. I want my tribe to avoid tribal this time."


"So unfortunately, the first challenge kicked off while I was in the middle of a mountainous wilderness and where the internet was spotty, so I was gone. Within that time, all hell broke loose. I cut deals with Wojtek, Gerda, and Jake R. But I soon find out that Luke, Aidan, and Laura are conspiring against ME. (As I assumed they would, and they call themselves the "swaggy" alliance, are we a seventh grader that is going through self-esteem issues?) and Wojtek is telling me that Jake is with Luke's group and Jake is telling me Wojtek is with Luke's group when they're both telling me they're with me... Am I paranoid right now? Just a little. I'm positive that Wojtek is with us, but I'm not so sure about Jake. That's why we're trying to get Alex in and make it a group of six. Whoever's with who and whatever happens, three things are clear.

1. Suryasta's first vote is going to be crazy. 2. The first vote is going to draw the lines in the sand. 3. I will NOT be the first one going home. That title is not going on my resume.

Note: And we won the challenge, yay. Almost want to go to tribal to figure out allegiances now, but that means I won't be the first one out. So Yay!"


Day 2Edit

"Damn it! We lost the first challenge! Dang, well now it's time to work my magic and make alliances with everyone on the island! This strategy seems all to familiar."


"So far, my vote is between Sam, Hunter, KJ, and TD. I want to vote Sam because I think that's what the majoraty of my tribe is doing and itwould be a safe bet, if I voted Hunter then I would be betraying my biggest ally, but he's such a threat, as for KJ I honestly just don't like her and I think shes a immature lady who needs to learn how to live! As for TD he was inactive in the challenge soo I could get rid of him... oh what to do?"


"So yeah I've talked to some people and it seems like everyone is voting Sam, and I'm cool with that, I never liked the guy anyway.

I've talked to Sharky and I convinced him that KJ and TD should be next, like the idiot he is, he agreed. The funny thing is that he has no idea how soon he'll be leaving this game, as it stands the order is Sam, TD, KJ.... Sharky. Once Sam TD and KJ are gone then Sharky is of no use to me, so I'm just going to throw him in the trash! This is the consequence for aligning with me, Muhahaha!"


"So this morning started pretty well. I knew all this time that Jake couldn't be trusted (saw it already on Korea), and now we actually have proof! When Alex joined our alliance, he said that Jake offered him one too and said he was together with Luke, Hoenn and Aidan. Well, I am not stupid - I already knew yesterday that when he said he wasn't with Luke, he wasn't exactly telling the truth. And now we have proof for all to see. I guess we will also try to throw a challenge sometime because we want Luke out. And we got the numbers. The Swaggis are going to tremble! (Still can't get over how ridiculous that name is, and I am not the only one).

Oh.. and I suppose our alliance name is The Five Rajput's now :D"


Day 3Edit

"Yeaaaa!! We won the challenge! I was actually a bit unsure if my tribe was going to win, especially since such a good player as Hunter is on the opposite tribe. But my score of over 640 000 was actually the best one! I feel like dancing and I guess I would if I wasn't sick.

Also, something very surprising happened. So all of the sudden Jake is proposing an alliance and says he wouldn't want to vote out me or Bailey. Well, as much as I heard from Wojtek, his alliance is definitely gunning for us. But.. we have Wojtek and Ryan and we hope to get Alex. Word is that he is the odd one out. I honestly feel it is foolish from the others to leave him hanging like that. We hope he will agree to be with us. We should also name our alliance and I am hoping for something cool like The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from Fiji. Currently the idea is The Five Rajput's (Rajput is an Indian soldier as much as I know), and it does sound like an interesting name. It'll for sure beat the Swaggis. I suppose I will go on about how ridiculous their name is for quite a while."


"So, we won the first challenge. That's great. I'm not sabotaging anymore in challenges, I learned my lesson in Korea for doing that. This time, my plan is to win all the immunity challenges, and go in with a majority. Then, I will team with minority since they'll be desperate, and go from there."


"I never agreed to be in an alliance with Sam, I wanted him out early and just wanted to be done with it. But Wes roped me into an alliance with him, so now I have to really drive the knife deep into his back and backstab. Go me! I am already making all sorts of friends in this game!

So now I'm voting him out and... That kind of sucks..."


"So it seems things in the Kudaya tribe are at least as tense as in my tribe and that alliances are being formed everywhere. What surprised me was that quite some people thought that anyone can go home.

I have been thinking about getting some connections in that tribe as well to make merge easier for me and my alliance. What I find weird though is that all of the sudden Aidan is proposing an alliance like Jake, saying that he is not really with the Swaggis. Weird, considering that just yesterday Jake implied the Swaggis were very much solid. Something in me says I can't trust their alliance, but I think that having some sort of a connection with them would still be good. Who knows, maybe we'll be in tribal in 3 days. If we are, me and my four Rajput's will try to blindside Luke."


"Well, this round couldn't have gone any better! Not only did Suryasta win immunity and reward, but I'm now a member of a five-way majority alliance with Bailey, Gerda, Alex, and Wojtek! Getting able to play and align with such prominent players I feel like I'm just the shadow behind these stars. Anyway, our team seems very challenge strong, which will definitely benefit us, like it did in this past challenge. All in all, I've got high hopes for the season, and they have yet to let up. :D"