Day 1Edit

"So, let's start the game!

My tribe is Vostok, and i have to work together with people who i ever woudn't think to work with. But we need to focus in challenges, and i'm pretty sure we can do well. Nick is trying to make his safe, asking an alliance with everybody.. But i need to keep him close and make him trust me. Ben seems like a cool guy, i hope we really can work together, and same for Emma. I can't start playing the game aggresivly, so yeah, i need to work in darkness.. George still a big question for me. Really good in social, and strategic game. It could be useful for me, to make him think that im completly with him, but time will show everything :)"


"Woooot! I'm back in another ORG! This time around in Antarctica! Why do I always have to be in a cold climate season? Let this game begin and I hope we won't freeze to death."


"I'm here, bitches! It's pretty great to be playing in another ORG to be completely honest. It's my time to actually prove myself better than in PNG. I will do better, I will succeed, and I will win.

I'm definitely going to play the "I'm the sweet, innocent, nice girl who is sometimes a bit naive," but those boys and Emma better watch their backs because I will be coming in like a venomous snake. Well, maybe not too severe to some, but some better watch who they're playing with.

There are a few props to being a girl in a game like this. a. Boys "fall in love" with you, which makes it very easy to manipulate them b. Boys tend to want to keep you around so they won't get targeted. c. You can make them seem like you're idea is a better idea without being threatening since you're a girl.

Alls I know is that I'm excited for this season, and I hope I can do one hell of a job better than PNG. Let's do this shit."


"Groan moan. Grumble wumble. These must be the most unbalanced tribes ever. It's like fans vs favourites or newbies vs veterans. Seriously, on Knob you've got a winner, three second-placers and the rest all made the merge sans Taylor. On Vostok, we've got three newbies and I think I'm the only one to have made the merge.

But hey, Survivor is all about making the best of your situation so I've just got to turn any negatives into positives. I think amongst my tribe I placed highest in our respective SurvivorORG seasons. That could put a target on my back as the most 'experienced' or whatever but it could also put me in a position of power where I'm a strong asset to keep around. It could also give me an 'in' on the other tribe if I told them my tribe was targeting 'experienced' players. Seeming a lot of the Knobs (lol) could be classed as veterans I could also use that to turn my tribe against them. I could set up an anti-veteran alliance that would hopefully stop my tribe fraternising with the other tribe and hopefully stop secret cross-tribal alliances I don't know about. At least I'm not a Knob lol. I will forever cackle at the indignity of the eight players stuck on a tribe called Knob.

In Korea, I played a very UTR game but this time around I'm trying to be much more visible and present amongst my tribe. I think it's really important to make strong relations with your tribe mates and allies. We also don't seem to have a natural leader on Vostok. I think a tribe needs a leader of sorts to organise everyone and just give the tribe a sense of order. I've kind of stepped into the leadership role to begin with, something I thought I would never do but let's how it goes lol. I'm trying to create a cohesive tribe and generate trust amongst my tribe mates. In Survivor, people always seem to have a partner or go-to person: that one person you go to first to talk things over and who you trust most. You can put yourself in a really strong position by being people's go-to guy so I'm hoping that putting myself in a leadership role, people will come to see me as their go-to guy. I created a Facebook group for our tribe so that we could all communicate with each other, and I think that's another way of boosting team cohesion. I'm still waiting for Trevor to add me and no one's been able to contact Daniel yet. I'm a little worried that they may turn out to be slightly inactive or fringe players but I guess that could also be a good thing. If we lose this first challenge and someone doesn't submit a score then they're naturally the first target. And that keeps me safe for a round or two.

Let's see what happens, shall we?"


Day 2Edit

"And yet another day of fuckery. Well at least everyone did the challenge, unlike Vostok. Some of their lies are kinda obvious. I mean, based on their personalities and conversations I've had with a few before, they're really bad at lying. Well now let's hope that I'm, at least for the most part, correct with my guesses.

So far my tribe has an unnamed majority alliance. With Joshie being the creator/ leader of this, it's pretty threatening, but I'm going to play smart and lay low. That way I don't get targeted, plus I can probably take him out once people realize that he's a huge threat. The underlying truth of this all is that I'm a lot more smarter than most people think I am. Well I'll prove it to them that I'm better once I get the chance to, and that will hopefully be at final tribal council."


"I submitted my guesses today for the immunity. For some reason no one's collaborating with me. I am feeling nervous. I guess I have to play under the radar for now. You never really knows "who's who" unless your tribe is going to tribal council."


"Nice season so far. One loss won't hurt us. We just need to win soon.

I believe that we can win soon."


"I'm not very sure about my position in this tribe. I have connections with some people, but I wouldn't count my life on it. If we lose, I'd prefer that we boot someone like Zachary, but I'd be funny if Alfons is voted out first, just for the lols. :P JK ALFONS ILY <3 But this is feeling a lot like Cuba </3"


Day 3Edit

"Well, I am definitely feeling a lot better knowing that I can trust someone. I just talked with George, and we've come to a consensus of voting Daniel off. I'm just glad it's not me, knowing how I was disqualified and may have cost my tribe the win."


"Thanks god we won that challenge. Words cannot describe how happy I am that a. We all sent in challenge stuff and b. we all guessed our best to win. Even if it was by 2 point, it was still a victory in my book.

Now lets hope we kick some serious ass in the next challenge so we live on another day with out voting someone. I don't think the other tribe gets it when it comes to challenges. You cannot get away with not submitting and it sucks for them knowing one of them is going home. Oh well, I hope it's an inactive atleast because getting voted over an inactive wold be embarrassing."


"So I come back after a long day at the immunity challenge, and I just about lost it. Our tribe won 14-10 in the challenge, but 3 people didn't even do the challenge. Our tribe is getting slaughtered by inactives, and the active players have to work to get them out. I'm going to vote out Daniel. He hasn't done anything at camp, and from what I've seen he's pretty much inactive. I've got to get him out to keep the tribe strong."


"Ok, we lost first challenge.. It isn't a good thing, but it also really help us to explain situation in our tribe.

Right now, i've bonded with Ben and George. Looks like this time George is really honest with my, and he divided with my a lot of strategy, which i really appreciate! I also want to protect Emma, so i'll try to enjoy her with us, and that could be all what we will need. There also we have Nathan, who still active, but it's really hard to communicate with him. The same for "The Alliance Guy" Nick, who was pomped for this game, but even didn't compete challenge. And Daniel, who waked up just tooo late :)"