Day 12Edit

Well now that Benny is gone. I just have to hope for the best. I do think Orange is getting a bit power hungry and needs to be put into his place. LIKE GOD. He sounds like he is the mastermind. He just needs to shut up. Cause he is getting annoying and he should've been the first boot...well maybe not since Alex was annoying too.


ugh I feel bad for voting out Ben, except he did basically sacrifice himself for Gerda. Plus, the whole plan to begin with was to single Gerda out. I feel like if Gerda gets immunity, we're screwed. But I'm going to try super hard this challenge and win! Then Gerda can go, but then there will be a design challenge in which the other tribe will get the upper hand because Charlie is on the other tribe.. But, if I allow Gerda to reunite with her allies, I'm screwed cause they'll just pagong us until they can't anymore. I just need something good to happen, and fast. I'm out on a limb, and desperate for some help.


It's been days since I had a confessional so here it goes...

I am once again torn apart between two alliances, Blaine and Raph thinks that I'm with them in this huge alliance but the truth is, I am not. I am with Aston, Woj and Will now and still keeping my bond with my former Sao tribe mates. As much as possible, I'm trying to be neutral...but then...all of us are going to tribal! I better be immune and make my choices fast, even though I know where to go already.


It's become clear to me, thanks to Wesley and Bailey, that some of my Fortaleza members are targeting me. They seem to think I'm some sort of master strategist when I'm really not. But I have the majority, and either Sharky or Courtney is most likely getting voted out, if everything goes right. If it doesn't, then things will get ugly... quickly.


So, Gerda's tribe loses again and another member of our alliance goes down :\

I'm slowly losing hope at our chances of pulling through, but I feel like like triple tribal might give us the opportunity we need. We have three solid members over at Fortaleza so all they need to do is pull in one more person and either Sharky or Courtney is gone. :D I have Mark and Raph on my tribe which is already half, so we just need one more. I'm slowly trying to get Aston to come with us. I hate doing this to Wojtek, as I've enjoyed the conversations I've had with him, but I feel like he's losing more and more trust in me, which is appropriate considering I'm trying to get him out! lol But he's a danger to my game and I have to be loyal to my group of people. I hope he doesn't win immunity, because then our target will have to move to Will and I'd absolutely hate having to vote for him, so I hope it doesn't happen.

As far as I know, Wojtek and Will should be thinking that Raph will be going home, unless they've wised up and have started targeting me, which would suck Dx But worst case scenario is that the vote is tied 3-3, then all we have to do is convince someone that this isn't worth drawing rocks over.

Also, since Gerda's primary target number one on her tribe and will most likely be going home since she's the last one left that's not in the Twerk It alliance, I've devised a plan that would hopefully give her immunity. I told everyone in our alliance to reveal to Gerda their true statements for the challenge so that she has a higher chance of winning. Unless the other alliance thought of this too and if everyone in mine pulls through, then it should work. But I wouldn't risk my life on it.


Well, I dunno what is going on. I do know(or at least think) Sharky and CJ are being targeted. Hopefully they are and not me. I still don't know who I am voting but am scared I can be going. Well this sucks :/


Aston and I are looking for the idol. To no luck, we couldn't find it. The first clue states it loud and clear already that I have a feeling it's just staring at me right now. But whatever I just hope I'm safe tonight and that Raph is really the one going home.