The Tres Amigos
The Tres Amigos
Season Survivor: Kiribati
Founder Alexjason
Members Remained Loyal:
Mitchell (Day 21-39)
Alexjason (Day 21-32)
Monkey (Day 21-29)
Crtha (Day 30-38)
Day Formed Day 21
Enemies Eddie
Lowest Placing Member Monkey (7/18)
Highest Placing Member Mitchell (Runner-Up)

The Tres Amigos was an all-Motu post-merge alliance from Survivor: Kiribati

The main members were ColdmannerRockstar_1514 and Kalabang.

The Tres AmigosEdit

The Tres Amigos was formed because of one unified goal, and that is to vote out their main enemy, Eddie786™.

Alex and Monkey later tied for the first-ever "Fan Favorite" Award.

Other MembersEdit

Crtha joined the alliance right after Monkey's elimination.

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