Day 34Edit

Well, im suppose to be going at Final 5. If CJ wins immunity im practically going. But, Bailey wants to blindside Gerda, so Ill do that. I am not in danger I don't think at the moment but I am a swing vote, so that's what I wanted to be so that's good.


The biggest thing that's been driving me crazy is being called Gerda's sheep. I mean, we've been working together this whole frickin time and I'VE been making the majority of the moves and calling the shots. I helped come up with getting rid of Charley, I concocted Mitchell's blindside, I said vote Will, and then worked hard to flip someone in the revote. I won immunity to make sure Dallas went home, and yet, I'M the sheep? That doesn't make two ounces of sense.

Let's pick up where I left off since I haven't done a confessional in a while. We partially threw the challenge, but it almost seemed like Dallas and Charley were in on it too, cause NO one worked on the damn signal challenge. Charley knew she was going home, and she desperately tried to get me to flip to take out Gerda out. I told her I'd think about it to appease her, but in my mind, I knew that Charley would screw me over and that Gerda trusted me one hundred precent, and that's a vote I can trust. So it was foolish to vote her out. Well that's when all this sheep shit started happening and I realized that I needed to get rid of Gerda.

Final Nine, Touchy Subjects. First off, damn straight I got most tribe pride. All I want to say about that. Charlie approached me before the challenge and told me that Will was gathering everyone that wasn't Blaine, Gerda, and I to vote us off. My initial reaction was one of panic... until Charlie told me they were going to split the votes in case of an idol... What? Seriously? You have the chance to take our tight three out and you decide you're going to split the votes? That's a really novice mistake Will. So anyway Charlie tells me he doesn't want any part of it and that CJ probably doesn't either. Then we get into a discussion about further down the road, and I bring up the idea of losing Gerda at the Final seven, stating that she will kick all our asses in the Final Tribal Council and she's been kicking all of our asses in the challenges. He seemed to agree. Anyway, challenge is over. SURPRISE!!! Gerda wins. So they're splitting the votes between Blaine and I. I talk to CJ and confirm that this is what's going on and that he's cool with flipping. Then, to get more numbers, I acted like we were a desperate threesome and I got Monkey to flip. So we blindsided Mitchell.

Final Eight. I wake up to a notification that hey! Guess what? Charlie has snitched! And I have a psycho Gerda to deal with! So I'm trying to save face and desperate for immunity, and guess what? IT'S A BUFF MAKING CHALLENGE!!! YAY!!! GERDA'S GOING TO WIN!!! So no surprise, Gerda wins. And I try to keep the original plan of Will. And the votes tied with Will and I, so I campaigned like hell, and got one person to flip to take out Will.

Final Seven. I'm in control. And it's time for a Survivor Roast! I knew if I was gonna win a challenge this would be it. I turned up the douchebag and ripped everyone on the jury and hosts as well. It sucked balls, but HEY! I WON! I made final six! And this vote was really simple bye bye Dallas. But before the vote, Charlie approached me about getting rid of Gerda. Initial reaction was shock, like, are you going to snitch on me again? But I agreed, I talked to Monkey and Blaine and they're on board, so right now, the plan is to blindside Gerda. And luckily, Dallas went home without a hitch.

So now, I think the plan is Gerda, Monkey, and Charlie. Final three CJ, Blaine, and I. This is the first game I've played that I've made it this far and am proud of the way I played. Hopefully, I can make Day 39, but for now, I owned the crazy evil immunity challenge to make sure Gerda didn't win. Fingers crossed.


WELL, if things go like people say, its suppose to be Gerda, but I mean, people are going to blindly follow her since she is Gerda. SO lets see who will be the mindless sheep.


Day 35Edit

No confessionals were made on Day 35.