"The Sheep Need To Slaughter The Shepard"
Season Survivor: All-Stars
Episode Number 17/18
Episode Chronology
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The Sheep Need To Slaughter The Shepard is the penultimate episode of All-Stars.


Immunity Challenge: TBA
Winner: Charlie


Day 34Edit

Day 35Edit

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 20:
Puta Sorpresa
Gerda (3 votes)
Bailey, Charlie & CJ
Monkey (2 votes)
Blaine & Gerda
Bailey (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

This is the hardest vote yet, but I'm voting for Gerda tonight. She is one of my greatest friends in the ORG, but she's in control right now, and she knows that if I were the one in control, and she was the one who wasn't, she would vote for me. She would do this if it were the other way around, so... yeah. Sorry. Good luck.


Well, I think its either me or Gerda going. And incase Gerda pulls out an idol. I'm gonna vote someone I think people will vote in a tie event. SO...I VOTE FOR BAILEY.


Gerda, you know I love you to death, but you are the biggest threat to win this game right now. No matter what combination of people that go to the end with you, you whoop both their asses and steal the gold. And I can't take the chance of you going on an immunity streak and getting to the end that way. The sheep need to slaughter the shepherd, and your time is now Gerda. I hope you know that this is the hardest vote I'm making in the game, and that I wish I could keep you around, but that's not an option. I <3 you, Gerda! And please... PLEASE... Don't freak the fuck out like Brenda in Caramoan. This is a vote against you game wise, not personality wise, please don't see it as anything different.


Final WordsEdit

Still in the RunningEdit


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