Day 28Edit

Hopefully I can win this challenge and try and convince Blaine or Charlie to vote Gerda off. Cause that way, I know I have a shot. But at least Charlie and Blaine don't want me out just yet...or so I think.


Well shit...Gerda won immunity. And Im probably screwed. But Im not done yet. I can still try and get people to vote Bailey or CJ.


Day 29Edit

I love the way I set myself up. I can either stick with the plan and cause a three way tie. OR I can flip and get Mitch out who is really annoying me. Either way Im in the middle like ive wanted to be.


This game is so difficult to maintain. You never know what's gonna happen next, and that's what drives me crazy.

Gerda, Blaine, and Bailey are still with each other. Mitchell, Dallas, and Monkey want to split the vote between Blaine and Bailey, with the help of Will, Charlie, and I. What drives me even more crazy is everyone is talking to me as if I am in with this plan and willing to split the vote. But I never once agreed to ANYONE to split the vote, and after learning of this plan, reality is coming to my senses: Mitchell is too sketchy to trust.

Part of my strategy is to work with people I know I can trust, and I don't trust Mitchell, never have trusted Mitchell, and never will trust Mitchell. I don't care if Will and Charlie (if he's still with Mitchell) get mad at me for voting him and not Bailey. It's best for me to get rid of the threats, and if I don't, you may as well tattoo the word "Stupidass" on my forehead. I can get rid of Bailey another time.