"The Behavior That Deserves A Revenge"
Season Survivor: All-Stars
Episode Number 14/18
Episode Chronology
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The Behavior That Deserves A Revenge is the fourteenth episode of All-Stars.


Immunity Challenge: TBA
Winner: Gerda


Day 28Edit

Day 29Edit

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 17:
Puta Sorpresa
Mitchell (6 votes)
Bailey, Blaine, Charlie, CJ, Gerda & Monkey
Blaine (2 votes)
Dallas & Mitchell
Bailey (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

You tried to vote me out, so I figured it would be fair that I vote for you as well. You are the biggest liar I have seen in this game and after what you did to me I absolutely cannot trust you anymore. Had you come with me, you would have made it so much further.

It's a pity, really. But betraying someone like that .. well, it's the behaviour that deserves a revenge..


What can I say... Even though you got voted out AND a second chance to play, you seem to not appreciate it. Here's hoping that when we vote you out, you stay voted out. Sayonara sucker...


And to think I was happy to see you back in the game...


Mitchell.... you're an ass. So, bye.


Well...I've been waiting for this day. So...BYE BITCH.


Honestly, I still want to get Charlie out but I feel like my maneuvers up to this point have backed my options into a corner. This split-vote plan is designed to weed out an Idol and get rid of one of Gerda's sheep - that's great in theory, but Will decided that we could trust Charlie and CJ. Theoretically, that's great and it gives us a numbers advantage, but practically, Charlie and CJ drew rocks for Gerda, so I'm kind of not optimistic about them jumping ship to a renegade alliance so suddenly and without any real benefit to them. Even if it turns out that they are to be trusted, my name is still bound to come up at least three times tonight, because Monkey is no threat whatsoever and both Dallas and Will are unintimidating. My days and options are limited, I sense that, and it's my own fault if I'm voted out tonight for backing myself into a corner.


Final WordsEdit

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