Day 10Edit

I think you are awesome. But to keep myself alive I know I have to get you off the game.


It feels like we're playing Tug-o-War with these people! They get one of us out, we get one of theirs, and then they get one of ours. It's quite frustrating actually v.v

I'm hoping that Wes' tribe loses so that they can take out Sharky or Courtney. It would be a disaster if Gerda's tribe lost though, as the other alliance would just pick her off :\ So I'm just crossing my fingers, hoping for a miracle. :c


I kinda feel bad calling Mitch "Mitch the Bitch" in that voting confessional.. I mean, come on, he was off playing every side he could, but no. That didn't work. He obviously didn't trust the right people, but that's okay.

I feel like my loyalty lies everywhere, but only to certain people. If it were my choice, it would be me, Henry, Wesley, Blaine, and Chris. I love them all to death, and they're the only people I know I could ever trust, like.. ever. Eddie is gone, and Charley is playing this game for herself. She doesn't care about anyone else in this tribe. She just wants to win. At some point, it's going to screw her over. Oh well, it won't be my problem when it happens.


So maybe i'm not safer then I think.

The alliances are:

Anti-Twekers are: Bailey Ben Blaine CJ Gerda Henry Raph Wesley

Twekers are: Charley Courtney Monkey Orange (I think he's affiliated with them) Sharky Taylor henry (Maybe, not sure)

So it's me Wojtek, Will and Mark. Who already happen to be an alliance. And then there's Charlie, who could really help us out once merge. Where going to stay low and let the other tribes battle it out. Then we attack!


Day 11Edit

I have a feeling that I'm going home...

I mean, I have a target on me, I know that I always have a target on me. But right now my allies are changing the vote on me for really no reason, they want to keep a big threat in the game, to get rid of someone who really isn't on anyones radar. I don't really understand it at all, I don't get why they are doing it, and it freaks me out that they flipped on me.

All I can do though it wait for all the votes to come in... I have no other choice.


Of course, my alliance sucks. Why would you even make a crap alliance? Like, what's the point? And why would you think I wanted to be in it? I was sold a lemon.

So it could very well be me going home tonight and that would hardly be the worst thing. It's either me or Gerda and to be honest I just don't care. I thought about voting for Gerda just in case the other four split the votes for whatever reason but I'm not that desperate. I'm not sure which way they're likely to go. They probably see Gerda as the bigger threat, although I actually placed better than Gerda in our respective DrPanda seasons. Plus I can imagine that Taylor wants me out as revenge after I voted her out in Antarctica. So who knows? If Gerda goes and there's no sort of tribe swap I'll go next. Fajita or whatever the tribe is called is just throwing the challenges so what can I do? If I go now then at least I don't have to listen to Orange's shit. Honestly, he is so damn annoying. And what a sad little life he lives; like, how can one person be so pathetic? 'Oh no! I have mono!', 'Oh no! I shook an open bottle of water all over myself!'. Useless.


Well this is pretty much my time to go. Knowing it was between Gerda and me I had a tough decision to make. I could perhaps have appealed to Taylor or Henry but I'm just kind of over dealing with these people. So I've asked my tribe to vote me out and keep Gerda. She'll enjoy her time in the game more than I would and hopefully her luck will turn around and she'll be able to get a little further. I don't see this as a quit. I see it as graciously stepping aside to let someone else have a go. I haven't been able to fully invest myself in this season. The timing has just been off. It's a very busy time for me personally. And having just played Antarctica, and juggling this season with the main ORG wiki's All-Stars season, I haven't been able to play this game the way I would like to or enjoy it as much as I usually would. I loved my time in Antarctica and that was mostly because of the people I was playing with. This time around I unfortunately haven't made the same connections with anybody. This game can actually be quite emotional for me but I think I've sort of emotionally checked out this time. It's kind of nice to be able to prepare your own exit. There's a nice finality to it and you can leave on your own terms. No blindside this time!

I wish everyone in the game luck and above all I hope they enjoy themselves. Good bye and good luck. Over and out!