Day 15Edit

OMG. This tribe switch Sort of May Have made me in a better position. But I am not sure. I think I should keep myself open to options to further myself. But I still think I am being targeted. Hopefully this tribe can pull through. Only bad thing is that I was never on Feijoada ;-;


Well, its interesting to here that Wes and CJ think they are on the bottom. But I dunno if I can trust Blaine. He seems trusting, but I am scared. I think I should just shut up and let the cards fall peacefully. Most likely cause we are gonna lose this challenge.


It's funny how the situation I was in was very similar to the one I was in during my season xD I was in a tribe of 5 (mark was one of the members), my tribe was going to go to tribal council and I had an idol in my pocket. Unfortunately, I was blindsided last time, but I came onto All-Stars having learned from my mistakes. So just as I expected, I was indeed the target, but this time I played my idol and sent Wojtek packing ;) Tbh, it kinda hurt that Aston (and Mark) voted for me. I thought I had bonded with them, but that didn't prove to be the case. But yeah, after all was said and done, I felt like the king of the world! However, that only lasted for like a minute >.<

Because right after, we had ANOTHER FRIGGIN TRIBE SWAP. Like OMG. Even though I would have been on the outs on Manaus, Wes and Bailey had told me that their tribe would throw the next challenges to get rid of Twerkers. But now we have new tribes and our alliance is outnumbered on both of them :\


I like my new tribe, we're working together well, though I'm kinda in the middle, with people trying to add me to their team. Right now I'm developing a strategy, I don't know how this sounds but I think it's the best to keep me safe. I'll try to align with former winners so if I somehow make it to the merge, the target is not on me, it would be on them.


Day 16Edit

We Lost the Challenge which sucks. And I pretty sure Aston may be gunning for me. I just don't know if I trust people. Cause as of now, I am nervous. I dunno what to do, I just want Aston and His Egotistical, Cocky Ass out of this game faster than we lost the challenge.


WELL. Looks like Im getting yelled at for screwing of the twerk alliance. Firstly, I saved their asses. Put my ass on the line for them, and now I get yelled at for voting someone I want out. Maybe I will flip to the other side. Just cause at least they listen to me and POST STUFF IN THE DAMN GROUP CHAT.


Well, my tribe is safe from tribal! Yay! Good things happen when my tribe is safe. I actually really like my tribe, they're just very quiet. I mean, I know Gerda and Charlie would never ask me for an alliance or anything, which I'm actually happy about because you know, if I'm going to get to the end they will eventually have to go, so it makes it easier if they aren't my alliance.

Mark is basically my one ally. Sao Paulo brother, even though we both voted for each other we are all we have. I mean, everyone else has allies, everyone else has those original tribal bonds. We have each other, and Monkey who is on the other tribe and could go home.

Will and Courtney I'll just say that "winners need to stick together!" and get their votes.

Bailey is the one wild card... I don't know where I stand with him. But I like him.