Tribe Profile
Season Japan
Namesake Japanese for "Bandits"
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 25
Tribes Merged Sakura
Lowest Placing Member Eliman08 (13/24)
Highest Placing Member W123 (1/24)
1305270 1414358078776173 1995557547 n

Sanzoku is the merged tribe of Japan


S2tjS2 cjS2eliS2astonS2henry
S2al palS2maxwellS2orangeS2miggyS2cowboy

Tribe HistoryEdit


  • Cowboy came up with the name, thinking it sounded cool.
    • And after a poll, it was made the official name.
    • After he was voted out, he revealed it was the Japanese word for bandits. 
  • This is the first all-male merge tribe in DrPanda history.
  • This is the first ever Black tribe in DrPanda history.
  • This is the first ever merged tribe to have a member from Redemption Island in DrPanda history.
    • FeiLong is the first ever castaway to be so.

External LinksEdit

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