São Paulo
Tribe Profile
Season All-Stars
Namesake Biggest City in Brazil
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Feijoada
Tribe Status Dissolved on Day 6
Challenge Wins 0
Lowest Placing Member Rockstar 1514 (24/24)
Highest Placing Member Coldmanner (5/24)

Sâo Paulo is one of the starting tribes of All-Stars.


Mark ASS5MonkeyS5Szymon
  • [[Kiribati|»]]Rockstar 1514 - Also known as Alexjason, from Survivor: Kiribati. He is remembered for his loyalty to The Tres Amigos, and later getting voted out thanks to a previous self-vote. Also remembered for winning the Fan-Favorite Award, alongside Monkey.
  • [[India|»]]Dangrayne - Also known as Charley, winner of Survivor: India. She is remembered for her nicer approach to the game, and her strategy of not having to make eventful moves to further herself, but always thinking about what to do to keep herself safe, that awarded her the title of Sole Survivor.
  • [[Antarctica|»]]TenseTarget - Also known as Dallas, from Survivor: Antarctica. Remembered for his under-the-radar strategy, and for being sent to the Tundra after the second tribe switch of the season.
  • [[Antarctica|»]]BeeteeD3 - Also known as Mark, from Survivor: Antarctica. Remembered most for being able to keep himself alive from the original Vostoks by winning immunity challenges, and for playing a fake idol on another player.
  • [[Kiribati|»]]Coldmanner - Also known as Monkey, from Survivor: Kiribati. Most remembered for being a member of The Tres Amigos, organizing Raphael's blindside, and for winning the Fan-Favorite Award, alongside Alexjason.
  • [[Antarctica|»]]Moonsik - Also known as Szymon, winner of Survivor: Antarctica. Remembered for his loyalty to Emma, and his hard work to keep the 2 of them safe to the final 2. His hard work and determination gave him the title of Sole Survivor.

Tribe HistoryEdit


  • Sâo Paulo is the first tribe to be dissolved in Survivor: All-Stars.
  • Sâo Paulo is the first ever tribe to only have its members eliminated before the tribe dissolve/shuffle in DrPanda history.
  • Sâo Paulo is the only tribe that never won a challenge.
  • Sâo Paulo is first tribe in All-Stars to have all of its original members voted off.

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