Day 4Edit

So tribal just went up, and Alex was voted out. It's sad, he was a good bloke and an ally. Despite his elimination, i'm still in a good spot, I have majority over here and majority over there (anywhere) hehe! And here's how our tribe stands.

The inactive - Blaine

The Intimidater - Mitchell

The follower - Henry

The clueless - Bailey

The "mistakenly thinks he's running the tribe" - Wesley

The delivery man - Myself.

I say delivery man because I get information about everything, and I protect my ally's with this info to.

First to go from the tribe? Probably Bailey. Then we can enter the merge just with our tribe.


Oh yeah! After this two firsts tribals, i feel like i can trust my tribe, and everybody from our 4 imporved loyalty and wants of working together like a tribe, so we only need to starting winning challenges. I'm really curious what's going on other tribes. I feel like Aston wants to running this game, but i hope like Blaine and Wesley are safe, because they are basically my closest alliance in this game. I know that Aston thinks he got majority, but i hope Wesley and Blaine are fine, cause i hope we all will get to the merge, or next tribe dissolve.

I don't trust Taylor. She's trying to get info from me, but i told her false one. I wanna avoid my mistakes from PNG, and don't want to get all the way with her.


You know what? This sucks!!! We all thought that we could do great in the challenges and here we are...sucking. We are the Saboga of this All-Stars!! Grrrrr!!!! I don't know. This is just demoralizing.


Day 5Edit

Well we lost that Shit excuse of a challenge. And my neck will probably be on the chopping block because of Mark. I just hope Syzmon and Charley have my back. And I hate so many people right now it is not funny. Raph needs to shut up since he didn't have to vote 2 people off in a row and now for a third time.


I swear to god if we get dissolved after this and I am stuck on a tribe with Raph. Imma go nuts. I think the label of Hero has gone straight to his head. Like he needs to shut the fuck up. Cause he aint no shit.


Well, this season has been hell. We rioted, kinda, twice. And then I basically was told by four people already I have their jury votes. Wow.. I feel.. I don't even know. All I know was that calling out Crtha either fucked me over by some people, so completely gained respect from others. Basically anyone who wasn't told anything praised me. Well, that's not the point. The point is that I need to focus on my game plan. Right now, I have majority either way. There's the "Twerk Team" alliance, that I call the twerkers for short. It's easier. It consists of Henry, Eddie, Charley, Wojtex, Raph, Courtney, and me. Then there's the counter alliance. There's no name yet, but Bailey asked me if I wanted in. I, of course, said yes after telling him I was in the other alliance and how I don't trust them at all. So in that one, there's Bailey, Gerda, Szymon, CJ, Wesley, Blaine, and Raph. Raph is playing both sides, and I miiiight be able to use this to my advantage...

Then there's Charlie, who probably lied to me about targeting me. And there's also Szymon who told Wesley I was a "fucking snake" and I apparently lied to him about something I never talked to him about. I don't understand why everyone has a stick up their ass about me, like what did I do wrong?


Well the cat is out of the bag. I told Wojtex about Raph being in both majorities, and he was.. shocked, to say the least. And then I thought of the idea of mentioning it to Eddie. Well, Eddie was beyond belief shocked. I now know for sure that he probably does have my trust like 100%. I'm laying down strategic moves quickly, and quietly. I got this.


WHAT THE FUCK Happened OVER NIGHT. I am apparently the only person without a solid alliance. I just became the biggest swing vote in the game. HOW THE FUCK DID I GET INTO THIS MESS.


I know Syzmon was probably lying to get my to change. So now I caused some paranoia in the majority alliance. Oh fun.