Day 30Edit

Well...FUCK YOU TO WHOEVER SWITCHED THEIR VOTE. I WANTED TO BE THE ONE WHO GOT MITCH OUT. Well I still proposed the idea...BUT I WANTED TO BE TE ONE VOTE THAT GOT HIS COCKY ASS OUT. Jesus. Why cant you people ever by loyal to your alliance.


Well I haven't done one of these in a while ;P A lot of sh*t has gone down since the merge, so I'm just going to skip all that ^-^ We FINALLY managed to get Charley out of here! It only took 16 tribals, but the beast has been slain. ;P I will admit that she was a hell of a competitor and am glad that we managed to take her out before she steamrolled over the competition.

However, now I have been dubbed a sheep, lol. These idiots are just so butthurt that we managed to kick their ass that they've gone as far as calling my alliance a bunch of sheep with Gerda as the sheppard. I really don't even care xP Anyways, Bailey and I have been evil masterminds and have begun planning ways to take control of this game. If our alliance manages to hold tight, Dallas/Will should be the next to go. Dallas has never spoken a word to me, not even during Antarctica, so I don't really care if he goes. And Will's too big of a threat to be let go any farther. And this part really kills me, but Bailey proposed the idea of getting rid of Gerda at the F7. I really don't want to do this, as she's one of the people I truly trust in this game, but it'd be suicide to let her reach the Final 3. :c


WELL...I've flipped flopped a lot in this game. And Now I Might have to flip on Bailey. The jury may or may not be happy Im still in the game. But I think CJ is a threat. I was able to get people to vote for Mitch, who annoys me so much, so I have to wait for the right time to get them to vote CJ. Cause I think he should go.


Day 31Edit

WELL, so There is a Tie. I can either go to another rocks for my third frickin time or flip on Will. BUT, no one from the other side is approaching me. SO I dunno if they want someone else to flip or they just don't care. But they should at least try to get my vote.