Day 17Edit

Wesley is starting to crease me a little. He always claims that he has to go to sleep, every time we have a challenge to do. This challenge, however, requires the effort of everyone in the tribe, and honestly, I think he's pretty lazy for someone who came in 2nd place his first time. I really think that he should go, but I'm still thinking about it; Monkey's still here. So my options are limitless. I just need to think of something to do if we lose and pull it off. I can either sway everyone on the tribe to vote out Monkey, or I could get Monkey, Taylor, and Henry to vote off Wesley. Either way, that's how it's gonna go if we lose. I won't lose sleep no matter which way we go.


Why do I have to be this f****d? I mean...I lose yet again a close ally! First it was Szymon, now Aston! Oh my god! Right now the only people I trust is Charley and Will. Hope they won't broke it.


Day 18Edit

WELL. We lost that suckish Challenge. And now we gotta go to tribal...AGAIN. Like jeez. I don't know where I side with this tribe. I can side with the other alliance and flip on the TTA. Or stay loyal and go to a rock picking tie breaker. I am the swing vote way to often :/


OH MY GODS!!!!! I....I....I can't believe I got the idol!!!!! I want to jump up and down here in my small dorm room right now! I had just lost my ally Aston and now...thanks for those rewards I found it! It might put a target on me, but most of them know that I have no chance of getting an idol. The question now is, do I keep it to myself or not? I guess we'll find out. We have a fake idol anyway that could work as a decoy.


Sometimes I just want to slaughter everyone in my tribe v.v

We lost the challenge..again, and now we have to go to tribal...again. I thought this was going to be a pretty straightforward vote. Either Henry or Taylor was going to go. BUT NO, CJ comes up to me saying that Monkey and Wes are our only options, and I was like WTF? He does know we have Taylor and Henry on our tribe right, people who are not in our alliance?!? I hope he realizes that we aren't playing stupid Survivor -.- I have no idea what's going on in his head, but it can't be good. We eventually decided on Henry, but my trust in CJ has drastically decreased. I'm a little worried that either Henry or Taylor might have Feiojada's idol, but Wes tells me that he doesn't trust CJ/Monkey enough to split the votes. If all goes to plan it should be 4-2. I feel very bad about doing this to Henry, but like I've said before, I'm looking out for my own self interest. It's either me or you, and I don't want it to be me. :c