"My Options Are Limitless"
Season Survivor: All-Stars
Episode Number 9/18
Episode Chronology
Previous She Gets Guys Into Her Net
Next Here's Hoping It's Your Death Sentence Tonight

My Options Are Limitless is the ninth episode of All-Stars.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: TBA
Reward: TBA
Winner: Fortaleza


Day 17Edit

Day 18Edit

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 11:
Henry (4 votes)
Blaine, CJ, Monkey & Wesley
Wesley (2 votes)
Henry & Taylor

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

After a lot of thinking, I came to the conclusion that since Monkey is helpful to us, and since Blaine is too pussy to vote Wesley off, there's no point in trying to get rid of either. So I've decided that my vote goes to Henry. He is one of a kind, he's a great person. But separate the game and real life, and in the game, you've got a person that can't be trusted. He could play deceptively here as well, and I need to further myself. Sorry, Henry. My vote goes to you. Good luck.


I hate doing this to you, especially since you just got voted out of the main ORG, but the people in our tribe seem so enamored with Taylor to even mention her name as a possible target. I'm sorry man, I truly am :c


Well, I think this vote will put me into a different position. I will also I think break like I guess friendships which isn't cool But I have to.


I love Wesley to death, but he isn't doing much to help out the tribe, and he had an idol. He's a challenge threat too. I have a feeling Henry is going next though, but I refuse to write down his name.. No matter what, I will never vote him. He's my right hand man, and now, it's time to do this.


Final WordsEdit

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