Day 22Edit

We are finally merged! I am so happy! This is my goal, to make the merge. Jury would be best but I think we might be into the jury phase by now.

So basically at this point I'm fucked. Maybe not this round, but eventually. My alliance has been playing stupid, they always target the wrong people. They targeted Aston instead of someone in the alliance, they all flipped against Courtney...

Okay, so it might not be stupid for them, but the final three will consist of members of the majority alliance. Unless one of the stray people can manage to sneak their way in there.


I know I shouldn't trust Mitchell.

Really, I'm not an idiot. I know that I voted him out when the majority alliance worked to save him, I know that he has no reason to work with me when he is in a good position in the game. I know that he is probably lying to me when he says that he wants to work with me.

But my back is against the wall. I have no other moves right now other than to trust Mitchell. I hate having to work on blind faith, but it's all I have. The majority alliance wants me out, I'm the main target, so if I have any hope in doing anything... I need to work on blind faith.

But I'm not some blind sheep going to the slaughter. If I go home this isn't a blindside. It's just one last trap I can't escape... God I need immunity right about now.


Day 23Edit

Well, I'm screwed.

No, really, I'm screwed. I'm not an idiot, Mitchell's "plan" to help me is just giving me hope so I don't play an idol. I don't even have an idol. But they don't have enough votes to be able to safely split, so they are just going to try and make us feel safe.

I'm going home unless I can pull something off. And if I go home, it'll be a Gerda, Charlie Wes final three. And if it isn't then it's two of them and one of their little sheep following them around.

I'm not going to lay down and die, I'm going to put up one hell of a fight. But if you're drawing blank, then what can you do?


M-M-M-M-M-MERGE!!!!! M-M-M-M-M-MERGE!!!!! THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!! I'm also extremely happy that I get to hold the distinction of being the only person to never switch tribes. It's wonderful.

But anywho, last tribal, Courtney got out in an almost unanimous vote, the only person who didn't vote with us was probably Charley, who didn't want to take out her precious bridesmaid, but the inactive has left the building, which is good.

Now we're merged at twelve, which is great, because now I can reunite with Blaine and Wesley, they're really the only two people, along with Gerda, that I trust in this game right now. I have been making good ties with Mitchell, but everyone else is on my radar.

Right now, from what I've heard. Everyone, no joke, EVERYONE has jumped onto the "Let's take out Charley and Monkey" bandwagon. Which makes sense, Charley has proven herself to be a very strategic player, but she's now the sole bridesmaid left, so now the obvious target would be to take her out. But Mitchell wants to split the votes in case she has an idol. It makes me uncomfortable to split a vote, because that always means something could go wrong.

After this vote, I would love to see Will go home because he got me out of Revival and revenge would be sweet. CJ would also be a prime target for me just because I can never figure out exactly where he stands, he's the man of mystery. This next few days are going to be insane and I can't wait to see what happens next.

As for my shot for winning, I'd say it's still pretty strong. Even though I was only vulnerable once during pre-merge, I fought hard to make sure I was in a good position when I wasn't immune. Plus my social game is very good, I've been talking to everyone and I haven't been following people's lead, so I'd say my first half was pretty good. Now it's time to kill it with the second half.


I didn't submit any for immunity since I was pretty busy. This first tribal in merge is making me nervous but I don't think I would go. Right now there are many targets walking around, and I am doing my best not to become one. I still got the idol, and I won't play it anytime soon. It could be my defense from Gerda's alliance which composes of a huge majority of this merge tribe. It sucks, but Mitch says he's willing to flip to our side, possibly making a tie, unless someone other than me has an idol. My strategy right now, is to stay low to avoid my name being thrown around and point out who the bigger threats are. I just hope the odds are in my favor this time..


Alright...I am going to hate to leave at this tribal. The Merge is right there at the corner and if I screw up, there's no going back. Speaking of back...Mitchell going back really screwed up my strategy of using the winners as shields. It would have been better if Dallas was here cause we can easily pick off Gerda, Bailey and Charlie. I think I might play my idol tonight, since I told Mitch my plan of breaking up this big alliance.


It's time for the hotshots to blaze out.


Well, no one has talked to me since today about strategy. And Apparently, its either Charley or Wes going. But I think people may vote me. SO. I Think I Know where I stand. I can flip and vote someone else and Charley can go, or I stay loyal. But I don't know if Mitch will be loyal.


SO. Hopefully there is a a tie. Cause I think I Can get Blaine to flip. But I don't trust him as much now. SO, lets hope some shit happens.