Day 8Edit

OMFG, I can't believe it actually worked xD

I stayed up sooooo late last night just to that I could get the votes necessary to get Eddie out! I thought I 100% had Mark, but when I talked to him he wouldn't give me a definite answer as to who he was voting for. He just told me that he hasn't made a decision yet and that he'd weigh his options. I was like "wtf", but he eventually told me he was voting for Eddie. So all was good. And then I talked to Aston, I never thought that he'd want to vote against Eddie, but after I told him about the Twerk Alliance and he interrogated me about the Anti-Twerk Alliance, I got him fully on board with booting Eddie. However, he had already submitted his vote for Raphael, but he told me that he was allowed to change it. I'm thinking that in the end, he wasn't allowed so he was the strange second vote for Raph. Earlier today I got a chance to talk to both Wojtek and Will. At this point, I didn't think I needed their votes because I thought I already had Raph, Mark, and Aston. Butttt, I flooded Will's inbox with requests to talk to him the night before, so I kinda had to talk to him xD But in order him to trust me, I needed to tell him that he wouldn't be on the bottom if he did vote with us, so I lied and told him that Raph would be c: So in the end, everyone pulled through and Eddie was voted out 5-2 :D This should strike a huge blow to the twerkers. HOWEVER, basically everyone on my tribe thinks I'm with them, so things will get pretty ugly if we happen to lose again :c A storm's a coming and I don't look forward to it. Shat.


Again? Really, I've been with this tribe for one round and already the vote out Charley plans are floating. This time though, it's for no reason. Literally, I was talking to someone, we made an alliance it was all good, and then BAM he's targeting me. Mitchell the little snake bitch in the grass.

So, as much as I want Gerda off, that will have to wait. Time to kill the snake. I just need to make sure he doesn't hear anything about it. Henry and Taylor, they're good, they keep their mouths shut. It's Orange that worries me, if he finds out anything about me wanting to throw the challenge then I could be done for.

Just gotta... I don't know anymore. Keep smiling.


I Am Hoping We win this challenge. Cause I feel like my head is on the chopping block. And that everyone on my tribe wants me out. SO Hopefully we win.


Well, someone is talking shit.. I guess when I called out a biased host, people told Wesley that I posted a whole conversation.. Then he came to me and I didn't know someone told him that I posted the whole convo, which I didn't. But still, that means someone is out for me.. And I'm sure it's that damn majority alliance which I managed to snake my way into.

I only know that the only person I really like out of that alliance is Wesley, Blaine, and Bailey. They're really cool and really nice, but I just cannot trust anyone else. Eddie is gone, so that's not good. Mitch is a flip vote and is in that majority now. Charley is being targeted by them, and we're now instead of targeting Gerda, we're targeting Mitch. It should be 4-3 Mitch.

We're also partially throwing this challenge. Well, Charley, Henry, and I are for that matter. We need to get Mitch off. Then Gerda, and Ben. It's time to grab the bull by its horns and get this job done. It's go time.


Well, just blindsided Eddie, that worked. But I really hope we don't got to two tribes, because if so i'm screwed. I'm still shocked of how much i'm running, i'm planning other tribes eliminations, what happens at tribal etc. My main man is Mark, I also have Will, Wojtek and Mitchell, that's who i'll work with at the merge. And possibly Henry, but I don't trust him as much after I found out he was in the twerk team. Proof is all I need.


Day 9Edit

I AM SO GLAD WE WON. I don't know my position in this tribe. But I just cant believe I went to rocks, thought I was majority, and then im not. I just gotta think of something to put myself into a better position. If I have to Backstab my alliance or just throw someone under the bus. they are thrown.


One of the perks of being alone is that people approach you. Right now, I'm close with Aston since he's like my biggest fan lol. We are currently the swing votes of Manaus between Raph/Blaine and Woj/Will. And I am a part of this huge alliance Gerda made. Unfortunately for them, I was a villain and I could not give this huge alliance a great power in the merge. I'm still in it though...just to spy....