"Mind Games and Flippers"
Season Survivor: All-Stars
Episode Number 4/18
Episode Chronology
Previous Jumbled Into New Tribes
Next That Thing Would Give Me Nightmares

"Mind Games and Flippers" is the fourth episode of All-Stars.


Immunity Challenge: Morphed
Tribes will look at 10 pictures of 2 morphed celebrities and have to guess which 2 celebrities are morphed in each picture.

Winner: Fortaleza & Manaus


Day 8Edit

Day 9Edit

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 4:
Mitchell (4 votes)
Charley, Henry, Orange, Taylor
Charley (3 votes)
Ben, Gerda, Mitchell

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

God I hope this works. I'm sick of the targets.


We can't deal with mind games, and flippers. So adios Mitch the Bitch, this one is for you(;


You're definitely fun to talk to, but this is the way I feel that it's got to go. I'm definitely not comfortable - there's been signs, writing on the wall - but I've ignored them. If I get voted out, I'll feel dumb looking dumb in retrospect, but it won't be a blindside. You're a great girl Charley, but here's hoping it's you and not me.


I don't think this result should be too shocking. Actually, it'd be more shocking if you didn't go home.


I think you are awesome. But to keep myself alive I know I have to get you off the game.


Final WordsEdit

Still in the RunningEdit


  • The title was by Taylor in her voting confessional against Mitchell.

External LinksEdit

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