Day 13Edit


Yeah, sorry I haven't submitted one yet, life is busy and I barely have time to play the games and everything, but I have some time now!

So it's been pretty nice, both carnations of my tribes have been very strong and engaged with each other, and that is the reason I believe that we have had such luck in challenges.

Even though we've been coasting on immunities, I've been trying to keep good ties with everyone. After that whole twerker alliance formed (whether it still exists is beyond me) a cross-tribal alliance was formed to combat it called "The Coalition against twerking" which included CJ, Gerda, Mark, Wesley, Blaine, Ralphie, and Ben. After the tribe switch, I was with CJ and Wesley and we all agreed to stick together. And collectively decided our vote would be Sharky, he's just too much of a threat with the impending merge down the road. But the trick in a tribe of seven is finding the fourth. Courtney was tight with Sharky so she was out. So the obvious choice was Charlie, we talked and he agreed that if we ever went to tribal, Charlie would vote Sharky.

I HATE LIE TO ME!!! Lie to me is literally taking shots in the dark and hoping you hit something. Thank god I won immunity because I'm always super paranoid when tribal happens, but the key was to make sure Sharky didn't win. (Beat him by one, YES) so I got to be safe this past tribal which was fantastic.

I talked to Charlie to make sure just one more time if he was with us, and he said he was. And I mean, why would he go with them, they have Courtney, Sharky, and Monkey, who respectively, are an inactive, an immunity threat, and an idiot. His choice, in my eyes is pretty clear.

Tribal goes down, and everything goes according to plan. Sharky leave in a 4-3 vote. Which means that Monkey and Courtney are on the outs (Which good riddance, they're the weakest members of our tribe). Unless we get a tribe swap, we should be fine.

Also, this challenge was right up my alley! It was so much fun to have to crack that code. Too bad I only got to four before CJ came on and said he had the rest, but it was a fantastic challenge and I think we'll win immunity. If we for some weird reason go to tribal, it will either be between Courtney and Monkey and basically have the same reasons why they should go, both suck at challenges, both suck at playing this game (how in the HELL did Courtney win this thing? I see no reason why she should've), both are from Kiribati, but the biggest reason is that they're both really popular among the players here. And if we lose one of them, good riddance.


Bailey is starting to drive me crazy. He keeps coming up with all these ideas that make no sense and have no relevance to anything. He wanted to give immunity to Manaus to send ourselves to Tribal and vote out Courtney, one of the people who are in the background and aren't even close to what the average player calls a threat. That's not happening. Nope. I really hope we get shuffled around again so I can go to brand new people who I want to work with, and want to work with me. Bailey is the disaster filled waste of space that I don't need in this game anymore.


Day 14Edit

Raph is gone and my tribe [barely] loses the immunity challenge. That's great >.<

I feel like I'm a dead man walking on this tribe. Will and Woj have probably lost all trust in me and they just need one more vote to send me packing. I'm actually starting to freak out!! I felt like my only saving grace was finding the idol (if it wasn't already found) so yesterday I went into panic mode and searched for it like crazy. The clues that we were given were so vague and unclear, that the idol would have been anywhere. But luckily for me, Bailey shared with me the clue his tribe got for winning the challenge. It took me a while, but I actually managed to find it xD And while I was at it, I also managed to find Fortaleza's idol! LOL Wes was the only Fortaleza member online so I told him where it was and now we're idol buddies ^-^ I'm not making the same mistake last season where I was voted out with an idol in my pocket. This time I'm playing and assuming everyone on my tribe votes for me, then my vote will be the deciding vote. Right now, I'm unsure if it should be Will or Wojtek. But either way, I get to live to see another day :P


So, my tribe is finally safe from tribal, thanks to Gerda doing the challenge. It feels good to finally be safe.

This game has driven me into really bad paranoia. I mean, I hear one thing and it really freaks me out. Last tribal I had it in my head that I was going home, and obviously I am still in the game. I do know one thing though, nobody wants me at the end of the game. I'm going to have to try and use that information to my advantage...

It's a shitty hand to be dealt, this automatic target. I mean, people have told me straight up "I'm good with working with you, but I probably want you out at four." I have literally like... Monkey willing to play with me. That's about it. I'm drawing nothing, shooting blanks. People will say that my game isn't very good, and I would agree with them. I'm good at avoiding the vote, but I can't influence anything myself. Every time I do come up with anything, someone ends up flipping on me and I have to abandon that plan for another target.

At the end of this game I think I'm going to be called a sheep, or bad at the game, or something like that. But the thing that people don't realize is, if I were to play this game the way I have in the past, if I were to show any strategic game then I would be out in a second. People think I'm a threat, so I have to act like a nonthreat to survive in this game.

It sucks having to play the fly on the wall game, but I can't do anything else... Not yet at least. Hopefully the time will come when I can actually effect stuff.

Okay, I better end this because this is getting Des levels long. So... Yeah.


So, of course, this idol clue has to be so confusing to the point where I have no idea where to look to find it. All I know is that it's a picture on facebook, and nothing else. I really need to find it. If Wesley, Charlie, or Bailey find it, they'll give it to Blaine, and honestly, I don't want that to happen. An idol gives you safety, and without it, I am vulnerable. I just hope another clue comes into play so it will be easier to find the idol.


Tonight's vote is supposed to be this easy and obvious, it's going to be Blaine. But for some reason I'm having a hard time, will this be the right vote? Blaine is not that good with challenges as far as I know and he would be a burden if we keep him. At the same time, I'm thinking that if we vote Blaine tonight, there's a possibility that there's going to be a tie vote next tribal because Woj and Will are pretty much tight. And Aston and I agreed to stick together. Or worse, that it could be me the next time we go to tribal. I don't know. I don't know. I'm just gonna vote for Blaine now and hope we don't go to tribal again.