Day 6Edit

THIS RIGHT HERE IS WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR! I wanna hug each of you mods! I may have lost my trusted ally Szymon, but I immediately got invited to a majority alliance with Aston, and I am in a huge Anti-Cross-Tribal alliance with Gerda and more. I hope I will navigate my way through this game. More than that I gotta win challenges baby!!!!


Okay, I'm done with the cockiness. I'm still awesome, but I underestimated the target on my back. I was one vote from going home, and that sucked. But Szymon is gone, the tribes were shuffled, it's all good.

I'm like the bear people want to make into a rug. I'm targeted by everyone except apparently monkey. It sucks just having a bullseye on your forehead. People want me gone and it scares the hell out of me.

I can't trust anyone.


Day 7Edit

Oh my Lawd! This is just my second confessional and I'm already freaking out about how complex this game is ;-;

As it turns out, there's this big cross-tribal alliance consisting of Charley, Eddie, Sharky, Wojtek, Taylor, Courtney, Henry, and probably Aston too. I'm a little shocked and hurt that I wasn't invited to be in it, since I thought I was really close like half of the people in it, but it just goes to show how cutthroat an All-Stars season can be. :c But luckily for me, I was invited to be in an alliance by Gerda consisting of Wes, Raphael, Bailey, CJ, Mitchell, Mark, Ben, and Henry (which I don't get). Szymon was in it as well, but he was eliminated by freakin' stupid ._. AND THEN, a tribe swap happened! I thought that each tribe was going to get one member from Sao Paolo, but no. Everyone had to be jumbled into new tribes, and then a stupid live challenge had to happen right after it. Like really? I would have helped our tribe win, but I was stuck at work and now we have to vote somebody out. The way things stand right now, it's me, Raph, and Mark against Eddie, Aston, and Wojtek, with Will smack-dab in the middle. I really hope I'm able to pull Will to our side, but I still haven't had the chance to talk to him ;-; I'm hoping that my side got to him before Eddie's did, but I just don't know right now :\


Lolwut. I just went from worst to first! Seriously, I was so sure I was getting the early boot and now everything is just trucking along nicely. Just for fun, I'd kind of wanted to see how far I could get without actually having a definite alliance but now I'm in this mega cross-tribal alliance that's basically going to run the show for a while. Choosing Eddie for our tribe was a good choice because of course he came in and caused trouble and that took the heat off me. Gerda, Raph, CJ and I formed a counter-alliance because apparently Eddie and Sharky were planning to target Gerda. Then that alliance gets extended to this free-for-all alliance which started off as about 7 or 8 people but turned into this plus one alliance where everyone brought in a buddy. So it's Gerda, Raph, CJ and I, plus Mitchell, Blaine, Henry, Szymon (until he was rocked out), Mark, Bailey and Wesley. Then we swapped tribes and I've got a majority with Gerda, Henry, Mitchell and I. Plus everyone wants Charley out for whatever reason so.... I shouldn't have to do much for the next little while lol. Especially because we won immunity. Teehee.