Day 36Edit

No confessionals were made on Day 36.

Day 37Edit

No confessionals were made on Day 37.

Day 38Edit

Oh mah goodness! I can't believe I made it to the final four! I was sure I was going home last TC but CJ luckily pulled through.

I feel like it's safe to say that if Charlie doesn't win immunity, he's going home next, but idk. If he does win, then worst case scenario is a 2-2 tie. Apparently Charlie thinks I'll win if I make it to the end, so I'll most likely have to fight for my life in the tiebreaker.

So I just have to pull out all the stops and win this final immunity challenge. But either way, this game has been a huge roller coaster ride.


There's no way I'm winning this challenge. I may have done well with the puzzles and the bands, but my SOS signal was creative, original, but the visual wasn't what I intended, and my story was a piece of shit. But all I'm counting on is Blaine not winning immunity. He needs to go, because he's a social threat.

This game has been so long, I just want it to be done. I want to get that title and move on.


So I wasn't able to win the challenge and now I feel like my life in this game is on the balance. Charlie says that he'll vote for CJ and right now that seems like the only option for me. When I talked to Bailey, he wanted Charlie gone but I told him that CJ was more of a Jury threat and then out of nowhere he changed his mind. The last time someone quickly made up their mind like that, I was voted out by George out of Antarctica. So either Bailey was voting for me this whole time and just agreed with me to make me feel better, or he's actually voting for CJ.


Day 39Edit

THE LONG AWAITED DAY I'VE DREAMED ABOUT FOR SO LONG IS FINALLY HERE!!! I'VE MADE DAY 39! There's a first time for everything and I'm so happy that this day has finally come and now the nice thing is I have some extra time to think about the Final Tribal Council since I'm definitely going to be there. But I still have one huge decision left. Blaine vs. CJ. Charlie's going because Charlie has no chance, at all, he's going to be the token person who gets zero votes in the end (probably, if not zero, one or two pity votes) But CJ and Blaine is a toughy. I believe I have a better chance of beating CJ in the end, since Blaine's more well liked, but I promised Blaine that I would never vote him out, and even though he isn't the type to be bitter, he may become bitter. And I've already got enough people who are bitter towards me. But right now I think Blaine is heading to Ponderosa.

That said, I think I have a good shot at winning. Here's each of my takes on the nine jurors. Wesley - Never betrayed him. I was just as blindsided as him. I think I have a good shot at his vote. Mark - We're pretty good acquaintances, and I also never betrayed him. I can probably get his vote. Charley - Her vote's totally up in the air. I'm not very certain whether it will come to me. She's also better friends with CJ and Charlie then I, her vote will probably go to CJ. Mitchell - Similar to Charley, I'm not really confident that he will vote for me. With a lot of pleading, maybe I can pull it off. Will - I see Will's vote as totally neutral, and I don't think he harbors any animosity towards me. I think I have a good chance at getting his vote. Dallas - Dallas is probably the one person who will definitely not vote for me. I'm pretty sure he has a huge grudge against me even though he was an obvious vote. So whatever, screw him, I'll still fight for his vote, but it's probably all for naught. Gerda - Gerda said she would never vote for me since I got rid of her over Monkey, but ever since Madagascar started we've become good friends again, so I think I can reel her back in and score her vote. Monkey - Monkey is so cool. Despite being very inept at the game, he's loads of fun to be around. Even though I voted him several times, I very rarely lied to him, even told him he was going home before his final tribal. And we became affiliated with each other from final nine to five, so I think with some persuading, I think I can win him over. Blaine - It's going to suck to put him on the jury, because I love him so much. But he's so likable. Blaine doesn't seem like the type of person to hold grudges, so I think I can convince him to vote me.

Charlie may make things difficult, after Monkey went home instead of Blaine, Charlie decided he was going to be a stubborn dumbass and said that no matter what happens, he would vote with Blaine, so right now, I think there's going to be a tie between Blaine and CJ, which means that most likely, Blaine wins the tiebreaker and moves on to FTC. I have to sway Charlie back over to my side.

Either way, I've come too far for second place and I want this win so bad. Hopefully I can finally capture the title.


I'm so happy for myself. For the first time, I've made it to Final Tribal Council. This season has been a blast. It's been a long journey getting from 24 to 3, and then it's gonna get down to 1.

Although, after reading all of the posted speeches, I've resorted to accepting the fact that this may not be the season I'm going to win. I have the votes of Will, Charley, and Gerda, possibly Blaine, possibly Mitchell, possibly Monkey, and possibly Dallas. But POSSIBLY means also possibly not. So.... I just sense that Bailey has this game won, since everyone thinks he played a masterful game when really, he did what everyone else did; vote someone off and hoped it wasn't them.

Even though I've lost 75% of my confidence, I'm still hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.