Day 19Edit

Annihilation is the perfect word to describe what it is I've done over the past couple of days. First, I unanimously blindside Aston, and then I put the vote against Henry, instead of Monkey, who some may have expected to be voted out next. Those 2 had to go, and I made it happen. Plain and simple.

From what I've seen and heard, the merge is slowly approaching, given that there's 12 people left, and that Evan wrote a post on facebook about "the nights before the merge". I've pretty much secured myself a spot in safety, because I have most of the people left in the game wrapped around my fingers. It's almost worth as much as winning the entire game.


Well, I can say it's been a while since my last one of these, oops. Well, let's recap on what has happened. We had a tribe swap. My closest ally, Henry, was just voted out. I am just so pissed, but I knew none of them would listen to me and vote out Wesley, and I wouldn't be shocked if I'm next. Chris told me that he will never vote for me, so that's good at least, but still. I have no definite alliance. I'm the odd one out in the Twerkers, and I'm not even in Gerda's majority. Maybe this can help me play more under-the-radar.. I hope so because I don't want to be on the pegging list of, "Top 10 People Who Should Be Voted Out."

Well, looks like I only have Chris to depend on. Time to expect the unexpected; looks like I'm a sheep.


So Henry's gone. I feel bad for the kid, but judging by everyone's reaction to seeing him voted out, it just proves that we made the right decision. Still sucks tho. But this vote did prove that Monkey can be trusted c: I feel good about him and hopefully we can go deep into the game together.

But now we're down to twelve. A post on the facebook group hinted towards a merge, but anything can happen in this crazy game. Since there's no sign of a challenge yet, so I though I'd give my opinions of the other remaining eleven ;)

  • Bailey - He's a real cool dude and I feel like I can really trust him. I don't know how I feel about letting him make it far in the game, but right now he's a person willing to work with me, so we're alright ;P
  • Charley - My lovely wife <3 lol We haven't spoken an ounce of strategy since the game first started. At first I was hurt that she decided to create or join that big alliance without telling me or asking me to join, but now I've turned that into my goal to vote her out, still love her tho <33
  • Charlie - We've recently started talking about the game and I feel like I can trust him. I'm not sure what he thinks about me, but hopefully I've been getting some brownie points by helping him find his tribe's idol.
  • CJ - Oh CJ. I really don't know what to think about him. At one point he's fully with us, but then he's targeting people that we're supposed to be aligned with. I feel like he may be playing both sides, but he did vote for Henry at the last vote, so maybe he's really with us? idk
  • Courtney - Did this girl really win Kiribati? o.o Maybe I'm wrong and she's super strategic, but I'm just not seeing it. To be honest, she doesn't seem threatening but since she's not in my alliance, I'd prefer it if she'd go soon.
  • Gerda - Gerda!! I can see why people love her so much. She was the one that brought me into the alliance (with the insistence of Wes of course) and I think I can really trust her. But just like Bailey, I don't think I'll want her to get anywhere near the end.
  • Mark - He's one of those people I really want to work with, but for just some reason we can't. I've trusted him way too many times during my DrPanda career and it doesn't always end with a happy ending. He's always broken my trust and tried to vote me out even when I've been completely honest with him. I'll be glad when I'll finally get to write his name down :)
  • Monkey - He's something someone might call an unexpected ally. Before the second tribe swap, I though he was just going to follow the other alliance's coattails, but after actually talking to him, he seems like a cool guy. I feel like I can trust him, however I'm not going to put my life in this game in his hands yet.
  • Taylor - Oh hey girl!!! Things are sooooo awks between us now. Last season, she was my #1 ally and the person I told everything too, but thing things seemed to have turned a full 180 this time around. I enjoy talking to her, but I feel like I can't trust her. I mean, we have yet to have had a strategic conversation since probably Day 5 :s
  • Wes - My #1 ally in this game right now. We've looked out for each other since Day 1 and I really hope we can make it to the end together <33
  • Will - After what happened with the Raph vote, I really doubt he'll want to work with me again, which sucks because he was one of the few people I was most looking forward to playing with. :c

So yah ;P


Day 20Edit

Well, FUCK YOU MODS. YOU FUCKIN BUTCHERED THE OUTCAST TWIST. You gave them immunity at a PRE MERGE tribal. Like jeez. You fuckin not even like UGH.


I distinctly remember Evan telling us that everything he or any of the hosts post in the group is important, which then came to mind after he had written a weird story or outline involving the merge approaching in a few days or so, and posted it in the group. Ironically, the next challenge was to answer questions about parts in the story involving who did this and who did that.

The thing that bugs me is that Mitchell is back. I don't mind Dallas, since he's just another background character, but Mitchell can't stay too long. I didn't want him in the merge, and now he gets a one way ticket to the merge since he's immune at this upcoming Tribal Council, and he returned due to this Outcast twist. I want to be there as well. I just want to stay strong in this game, and I'm not letting any alliances with the stupidest-ass names overthrow me like last time. I'm fighting until the end.


So I won immunity! It was pretty awesome, feeling safe going into a tribal council is rare for me. I'm usually a paranoid mess thinking everybody and their mother is turning against me. But this time they can't!

I don't have a whole lot I can do in this round, I mean except for target the big names. But I think it will end up in a tie. No one will flip over to my side, so it's just a matter of making sure they split their votes.

If you can't convince them, confuse them. So that's what I'm working on right now.


Alright...I am going to hate to leave at this tribal. The Merge is right there at the corner and if I screw up, there's no going back. Speaking of back...Mitchell going back really screwed up my strategy of using the winners as shields. It would have been better if Dallas was here cause we can easily pick off Gerda, Bailey and Charlie. I think I might play my idol tonight, since I told Mitch my plan of breaking up this big alliance.


Day 21Edit

Well, this bitch CJ wants me out. And to think, I wasn't even gonna vote with Tay and Dallas. Now his ass is on the line too. SO he better watch out.


WELL. Here is my situation. Blaine and Wes wanna blindside Tay. While Tay and Dallas want Wes out. While CJ wants me out. I want CJ out. SO. Imma try and convince Tay and Dallas to vote CJ. And I would be in good position to either vote CJ or Tay. Depending on who I think would threaten my game. Anyway. The vote should go 3-2-1. Hopefully.


WELL. I think CJ needs to get his things straight. I mean, he now wants Tay out. I still want him out. And I will be trying to get him out. Hopefully this little plan change he had, will convince others.


Instead of a 3-2-1 vote. This vote will probably be a 4-2. Unless I can change people's opinions. Tay will be going. ANd I would rather have CJ go instead.


So yesterday was a giant clusterfuck. First there was the Outcast twist and even though we all knew about it a couple of days after the game started, I found it a little unfair that us twelve had to survive this long just so that someone can have a free pass to the merge. And the fact that they were given a free immunity sucks as well. I mean, I'm happy for Mitchell as we're friends, but I would have preferred if nobody returned at all.

Anyways, both tribes have to vote someone out and I'm so happy I was able to win immunity for myself. Right now the target is Taylor, but trying to get these people to vote for her is such a pain!! Monkey's coming up to me with the idea of flipping the vote to CJ with Taylor and Dallas' help while CJ is hellbent on keeping Taylor instead of Monkey because he thinks he has her loyalty. But he does not know that this girl is a slippery little eel who'll worm her way to the end. But in the end I think I managed to convince them that this option wad our only option. So hopefully, Taylor doesn't play an idol or something >.<

It's strange how last season she was my tightest ally and now I'm campaigning for her ouster. It's nothing personal, it's just how the cards fell.