"Here's Hoping It's Your Death Sentence Tonight"
Season Survivor: All-Stars
Episode Number 10/18
Episode Chronology
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Here's Hoping It's Your Death Sentence Tonight is the tenth episode of All-Stars.


Outcast Challenge: TBA
Reward: Opportunity to be back back to the game and immunity at the upcoming tribal.
Winners: Dallas & Mitchell

Immunity Challenge: TBA
Winners: Blaine & Charley


Day 19Edit

Day 20Edit

Day 21Edit

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal 1Edit

Tribal Council 12:
Taylor (5 votes)
Blaine, CJ, Dallas, Monkey & Wesley
Wesley (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Well this isn't that difficult of a decision. I'm voting Wesley for vengeance on Henry and because he's gunning me. I still love you, Roopit <3


Well, I tried to change the vote to CJ. But it didn't work. Hopefully no one is voting for me, even though I have a strange feeling. Sorry Tay :(


I never thought I would do this, but my vote is for Taylor. She lied right to my face every time I've talked to her, and it needs to come to an end before I grow the desire to shoot myself in the face due to major annoyances in this game. Sorry, bitch. You gotta go.


Gurrl! You were my closest ally during Antarctica and it sucks that we weren't able to have that same relationship here, but to simply put it, you're too good at this game. Hopefully we can have some pumpkin spice lattes after this is over :) xoxoxo


Final WordsEdit

Well, that was expected, but I don't care. I've accepted my defeat, and that's okay. If everyone wasn't so scared of making big moves, it wouldn't have been me, but I don't think I'm an all star anyways. So thanks for the good times.


Tribal 2Edit

Tribal Council 13:
Courtney (6 votes)
Mark ASS5MitchellS5will
Bailey, Charlie, Gerda, Mark, Mitchell & Will
Charlie (2 votes)
Charley & Courtney

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

I've come back into this game ready to stop holding back for fear of coming on too strong and being viewed as a threat. They all obviously know I'm a threat, and I'll show you how threatening I am. The first on my list of personal vendettas is Courtney. You didn't deserve the win in Kiribati, you don't deserve to be an all-star, and if you survive this Tribal Council then there is something seriously messed up in the world. In two seasons we've spoken maybe thrice, so I'm not going to pretend that I'll miss you. Russell finally has his glory day over Natalie.


Charlie, you're a good guy, but you need to go. I hope this works... I really hope this works.


Sorry, girl. You seem to be a great person. But you have been pretty inactive and you are in the opposite alliance. Nothing personal. I still hope you had a good time in this season.


Courtney, I have absolutely no clue how you won Kiribati. You don't contribute in challenges, you don't socialize, all you do is vote when needed, which lucky for you, hasn't happened lately. Somehow, your borderline inactivity has brought you this far, here's hoping it's your death sentence tonight.

Also, I'm scared as hell, this is my first tribal without individual immunity and I'm afraid I could be made a target because I'm trying to take out the inactive. (Backwards logic, right?) So I'm SUPER paranoid right now. I hope I survive the night.


I heard you’re targetting me and people who target me get targetted themselves. If you actually are targetting me, than goodbye because one of us is PROBABLY going and i’d rather it be you than me.



C-O-U-R-T-N-E-Y :(

  • Holds up paper to the camera*

It feels strange cause I feel so paranoid tonight. I might play the idol. But everyone I talked to says it's you so I might rethink. G'bye.

  • Puts in urn*


Final WordsEdit

Still in the RunningEdit


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