Day 24Edit

SO...........I Survived. Yay Me. I am pretty sure my social game can still need some work. But I am not that big of a threat. SO, hopefully I can lay low for a while. I think Mitch and Dallas should go though, because I don't think they deserve to be in the game. Specially Mitch, he has a huge ego.


The problem with the merge is that, when someone get's voted out, they decide whether you win or not and also when you look around, even if there are few people left. It still feels a lot. Here's what sucks, someone told me that Gerda has an idol. I don't want to believe it but then Gerda told me to gather my "alliance" and vote for her. Isn't that dumb? Why do you ask anyone to vote for you? I confirm now. She got an idol and I heard to that they're trying to take me out! What the heck! I think I will confront her...


Day 25Edit

So I don't know who is going to go tonight. I'm pretty sure it's going to be Charlie, or Gerda, but I don't know. Gerda seems to have all the guys in this game in some trance. Not like she's flirting or anything, it's just that she throws up this nice hearts and flowers smoke screen so they think she isn't a threat. I'm not knocking her, it's good strategy. But it's annoying seeing that she is a huge threat, and not being able to do anything because your alliance doesn't see it.

I'm still worried that I could go home, but at this point I think it's mainly paranoia. I'm freaked out about an idol though, because if someone plays an idol, then it only takes one vote to take someone down...

But yeah, I'm really hoping this vote goes right. Like last vote. I just want that "majority" alliance out. The anti twerkers or whatever they call themselves. They kind of annoy me... They vote out our allies it's a game. We vote out theirs we're monsters.


SO. I still want CJ out, and if I Can convince my alliance and the other alliance to vote him out. My plan will be perfect....MUHAHAHAHA


Pretty sure this will be my last confessional because I'm pretty sure I'm screwed.

Idols are the death of me. Mitchell changed the plan last minute, told Gerda she was on the chopping block and told us to vote for Charlie. Problem is, half of us sent in votes for Gerda already. I've heard they're voting me, in which case I'm fucked.

It was fun playing though! And if I'm not voted out tonight... Well, add this to the pile of paranoid confessionals I've built up


SO. I think I may have saved Charley by tricking Blaine into play a possible idol on Bailey instead of Gerda. Hopefully he does.