Day 1Edit

Wow, this game is a whirlwind.

It's not like any game I've played before, it's going by so quickly and egos are already out of control, including mine.

I'm safe on my tribe. I was blessed with Monkey and Szymon who I have a final deal with both of them, so as a three we hold majority. Alex is targeting me, but he's not smart enough to get the job done.

As a winner I gotta watch my back. They want the monarchy, the winners, taken out and you can sense it. It's like, down with the kings, you know?

Ill stop rambling and end with this... I'm awesome. Kidding, but whatevs.


Well, Well, Well. I'm back! And I have been crowned a villain. Now, do I claim my rights of being a villain? or do I prove everyone wrong? I think ill claim my rights, stay by my label and play a villainous game. The funny thing is, the first day and I feel I have so much power. On our tribe it's me Mitchell and Henry, and I don't even need to focus on my tribe, i'm to busy saving other peoples butt's. Oh, I guess that's a heroic thing lol. And even better, I have a really neat idea of an alliance. It's me Wojtex, Sharky and Alex. One representative from each tribe. We're called "The Watch Tower" As we report to the group on whats happening on each tribe. And even better, if we switch tribes, one of the Watch Tower members can convince their old tribe mates to work with us. But it's Survivor. Anything could happen. Yesterday I was thinking one of my tightest ally's Sharky was on top of his tribe. Now I here he's a target. So let's wish him good luck and play the game!


Here's where I stand with my tribe: Szymon and I agreed to watch each other's back this time around. But we would not make it seem that way since pairs are frequently easy targets. I also have my bond with Angelo/Alex but he seems like a snake to me. He wants me and Szy as allies and we'll make a wider alliance with Aston on the other tribe...O.O ....Oh My God!!! These Villains are really showing what they're capable of. Calm those t*ts for a second! We need immunity first!


Day 2Edit

So the twist was leaked. We have to chose from 4 All-Stars, who ever comes first in the challenge gets first pick. And so on. We have to choose from Eddie, Orange, Bailey and Dallas. My initial instinct is, Chose Eddie! We can vote him off and he's gone. Everyone agrees. But then henry, oh henry. "I don't want him". I ask him why, and he responds with "OK." and "Idc" it's like holy mother of god! Put an input on it! Can you not just agree and disagree? Henry's like a brother but to be honest, I carried him so hard in Japan, and I don't want to be carrying that wait again in All-Stars. He really got a lot of credit for my work. And if he's not going to put effort into voting someone off, why stay? It's tough. Eddie could be gone! But no. And then theirs Orange, an easy first vote off. But Henry thinks he could help us out! So it's got to be between Bailey and Dallas. Bailey can help us out in challenges, and if we take Dallas then Dallas can't pair up with his other friends.

I hope their's a decision made. And one made quick.


Hello hosts!

So since yesterday this game has driven me mad. I'm keeping to my social strategy, talk to people every day. But the problem is, I'm a winner, it's day two and people already have me marked for death. I've been told numerous times "I can work with you, but at final four I can't take you". First of all, that's shitty survivor play to tell me that. Every person who has told me that I no longer trust. Second of all, I don't roll over and die at four. If I get to four I won't step down because I'm a winner, I want the title.

I have my alliances though, my four I'm tight with now is Szymon and Monkey from my tribe, and Woj from another tribe. Past ties are what will help me, or kill me. Hopefully this India alliance with Woj will help me. Mitch I trust to a certain extent, but I know his background with alliances. Not good.

As for the other string alongs I have? They can screw themselves, I don't trust any of them.


So I think my tribe is pretty well rounded. A bunch of heroes doing some heroic things. It's nice but I might've told Courtney that I'm in a majority alliance against her but this can help me because maybe she'll trust me! Right now the alliance consists of me, Charlie, Will, and Wojtex. We have majority (obviously). I'm excited though cause it's weird to think I'm an all star. Wow.. Who would've thought..


Well, things sucked before the game even began. And things continue to suck now. I've been told that CJ, Sharky and Gerda planned to work together before the season even started. Which, in a tribe of five, doesn't give me a lot of room to maneuver. If that titbit of gossip is true then I don't find that all too heroic of them. To complicate matters I've been super busy these past few days and really haven't had a chance to talk to anyone. The icing on the cake is our first reward/immunity challenge. What a hot mess. It seemed easy and fun enough. I enjoy writing and I enjoy the horror genre. I know Gerda also enjoys writing. Too easy! I didn't have a chance in the first 24 hours to work on my chapter but I got my chapter up for everyone to look at 18 hours ahead of the deadline. Due to awkward time zone differences though, Gerda didn't submit the final chapter so the strength of our story is somewhat diminished. I cut her some slack for it but I thought she was trying to pass blame a little, telling us we should have had our sections up earlier. I don't think she even wrote anything though? So.... I wrote the fourth chapter without having seen the first three and then I went back and fixed it up for continuity. I feel like she could have done the same.

So without some form of miracle we'll lose the challenge and go to Tribal. And I'll most probably be going home. If we do lose, I am going to try to appeal to their supposed heroism. I pulled my weight (and more) in the challenge. I suggested story ideas, I was the first to complete my chapter and rewrote it several times to accommodate for the others' story lines. Plus I compiled everyone's chapters and edited them. If I go home then that was all a waste of time. I told Gerda I'd probably be going home if we lost and she said she'd help me out if that was the case, so who knows? Maybe all is not lost. Let's see, said the flea.


Well, we lost the challenge which sucks. A LOT. I blame Alex. He just is so annoying lately and he shouldn't eve be here in the first place. His Ass is going home. I sort of feel bad since we were allies before. But, Label Me a Villain and I will be One. >:)


So, All-stars really started! And i'm, of course in cursed tribe.. Or maybe i'm cursed?

However, in my interes is to do everything, to don't let my tribe lose, and lose again. I think we really have potential to win challenges, cause we are all great players. Unfortunatly, we have tribal council ahead. Charley wants Dallas in tribe, and i trust her so for me, it's okay. I wish Alexjason going home. I don't trust him, and i know he's close with Aston, and if one thing have to be sure, its that i won't work together with Aston. So we all need to weaker his alliance.


I'm back bitches! c:

So I've been put on a Villains tribe (idek how I was a villains tho, I played an honest game), and I'm generally pleased with my tribe mates. I'm cool with Wes and Henry <3 I'm not sure about Aston and Mitchell and from what I've head, Aston's been targetting Wes, so he needs to go c: Soon we'll be getting Bailey, and I'm not sure where he'll go, but hopefully he comes with us ^.^ Last time, I may not had made the merge (stupid late merge ;-;), but this time I'm coming back with a vengeance :D Everyone better be afraid of me lol


Day 3Edit

Quick confessional since I am such a confessional whore, we got Dallas, and that is awesome because I can work with him very well so yeahhhhhh.

Core four: Me, Szymon, Monkey and Dallas.

We are awesome.

Okay, that was just to be annoying.


I was surprised I was part of an All-Stars! Lots of amazing players, now it's my time to showcase my alter ego gameplay! I was placed in Sao Paulo tribe! I was glad I'm with Monkey, Szymon & Mark. That excludes Charley. TBH I have nothing against her, I just felt that we can't be allies, she's a very huge threat. She's a winner and had lots of friend outside our tribe. Since the game began, I campaigned for Charley's boot since she's a very huge threat to keep. Nothing personal, just PURE STRATEGIC. I hope I have built a very tight alliance with Monkey, Szymon & Mark. I trust them, I hope we could stick together until we have reached merge! (God-willing). I also have a plan to align with Gerda since she's a good friend of mine. I also have cross tribal alliance with Fortaleza tribe (Aston, Henry & Mitch)! But I would not put much of my trust on them.. But I would make them believe I'm very loyal to them so I would have a back-up frat bros on my back when trouble comes! I also have an alliance called "The Watch Towers" consisting of Aston, Sharky & Wojtek. We came from four different tribes where we would watch-out what's happening inside our tribe. I would prove to all that I deserve a spot here on All-Stars! I'm not her to make it on merge nor to be famous! BUT TO WIN!!!! :D


So Dallas is the new addition to us. It doesn't change my plan to get rid off Charley since they were allies I strongly believe. It's a make or break decision to go against them but I already built my alliance. Alexjason will run this show! :-)


So I was adopted in to the Sao Paulo tribe, under the guise that Charley gave them, of me being a sheep. Sounds like her alliance bought it. Right as I entered the tribe, I was aligned with Charley, Monkey, and Szymon. Of course, the bad news on being this tribe is that I'm going to Tribal right away. I could very well have been lied to, and be on a revolving door, and be leaving right away. However, I trust Charley and feel that Alex is indeed the one to be leaving this game tonight.


SHIT. We have to vote out another member. I think its between Dallas and Mark. If we keep Dallas, we can probably have more loyality down the road but if we keep Mark, we can probably win more challenges. And there is the possibility that the new players came into the game with an idol, or at least a clue. UGH. As long as my name doesn't come up, I'm probably gonna push for Dallas.