Day 7Edit

"Im quite sad that Nick is gone, but this is game..

Immunity Challenge before us, and after we have another Tribal Council, no matter if we will win or not, it's gonna be 3rd TC in a row.. I have to assecurate to keep myself in this game for another couple of days! Our alliance needs to stick together and vote out the weakest link? I really have to work in the darkness right now!"


"So, there has always been talk about keeping Emma in the tribe because she posted a result for the day 1 reward/immunity challenge, at the expense of Trev. But, Trev has definitely redeemed himself. He's offered a final 3 deal with me, and he's performed quite well in immunity challenges. Because of that, we can't lose Trev and expect to win the next 2 immunities, which is what we need to do to make it a 5-5 merge. I've got 5 people voting for Emma, and that's exactly what I want in this game. I am not a target and have received 0 votes at tribal, and at the same time I can flip the entire tribe against someone in a unanimous vote at the drop of a hat. I've got this entire tribe under my boot, and things could not go better."


"Is Vostok doomed to always attend Tribal Council? After this vote, we will be down in numbers 5-7. Presuming we merge at 10, Vostok's best hope is to win the next two immunities and go into the merge at 5-5. If there's a tribe switch after this vote, we're probably doomed. I'm not really looking forward to Tribal Council. My plan was to vote for Trev to keep together the original five actives. Szymon also wanted to vote for Trev. George, however, wants to vote for Emma. I feel like I'm in a good position on the tribe. I'm aligned with George and Szymon. I doubt any of the three of us will be eliminated in the upcoming tribal, so we'll have the majority regardless of who goes home. Because of this, George thinks keeping Trev is better because he's better at challenges than Emma, and Emma is probably the worst challenge performer on the tribe. On a personal level, I don't want to vote out Emma but I can't deny it's probably the best strategic move. We need to win challenges and decrease Knob's numbers. Loyalty means little if we're all going to get pagonged at merge."


Day 8Edit

"Another day, another challenge, another alliance. It seems like many people want to ally with me, which is a bit annoying because I don't want to be stuck with too many people to account for, but if you say no, then bam!, huge target on your back. Even if some people are fake alliances, they don't know that, and that's what's going to help me progress in this game.

Szymon told me some things that angered me a bit. George is attempting to take over this whole game. And he's starting cross-tribe alliances with a few people in my tribe. This will not end well for him, and I can guarantee that. Brian thinks that he won't be leaving this TC. Well sorry sucker, but everyone kinda hates you, so you better enjoy your stay while it lasts."


"Ah, this tribe is so peaceful. The other tribe is just blowing up, and we're just sitting here unanimous-voting out people."


"George is so predictable.. I knew well that he want to keep Trev, because he had Trev around his fingers, and now wants to turn things aganist Emma, who is loyal with us since begin! I'M NOT BUYING THE BULLSHIT THAT IT'S ONLY BECAUSE SHE IS WEAK IN CHALLENGES!

Looks like that now it's perfect time to turn the cards! And i have to do it, and safe Emma over Trev!"


Day 9Edit

"Today Two tribes are going to tribal. Only one person is immune from each tribe. Right now, I have an alliance with Brian, Dallas, Blaine, and Zach. It's a majority already.Which is great. But, I don't know, but I feel weird with them for some reason. I just hope we'll stick together. And! Seriously? This is the most disgusting immunity challenge I will participate in! Last time twerking, this time pooping, what's next? Hahaha"


"Wow, it's a double tribal, and I'm not winning immunity. We're hoping Alfons gets voted out, as he's the biggest challenge threat. We're planning to vote out Emma tonight, and hopefully it will be a 5-1 vote."


"So here's what I know, the alliance of five, me, Brian, Dallas, Zach, Blaine is somehow gunning for Alfons. Unfortunately he won immunity. What to do then? Cause I have my alliance with, Taylor, Josh and Alfons too, I'll side with them for now. I hope they'll convince some numbers cause they're targeting Brian - which is a threat to my game too."


"Drama Drama Drama.

I'd reluctantly agreed to George's plan of voting for Emma. Except when I talked it over with Szymon he was firmly against it. Szymon informed me of a chat he had with George where he revealed he wanted to keep Trev because Trev's final three plan was Trev, George and Szymon. Bye Trev! Lol jokes, but Szymon, Emma and Nathan had already voted for Trev. George and Trev had voted for Emma. If I vote Emma that causes a tie and someone has to flip anyway because I'm not drawing rocks. So I did what I was going to do originally and voted for Trev. Interestingly, George told me it was Nathan who voted for Emma, not him. I am a little wary of George. He's a smart player and he has a lot of connections with people on not only this tribe but Knob. But as long as he's working with me I won't write his name down. Szymon and George are my closest allies in this game and if possible I'd be happy to go to final three with them. Although I'm in an awkward position because Szymon is growing distrustful of George. I thought I'd be fine on Vostok as long as I had my core three of Szymon, George and I but if they're wanting to make different voting decisions then I'm suddenly not in the majority. George continues to be a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Knob's goings-on. He must have several well-tapped sources over there because it can't all be coming from the one person. According to George, the original set-up on Knob was Brian, Zachary, Blaine and Mark as the anti-Alfons brigade, led by Brian. Then Alfons had Joshie and Dallas, with Taylor up in the air. Because holding onto a stable alliance for more than a few hours can be so tiresome, everyone's gone for a good ol' switcharoo. George informs me the new set-up sees Zachary and Dallas as playing both sides and undecided, with Taylor moving firmly into Team Alfons. I'm so excited to see their vote. Amusingly enough, if Zachary ends up defecting and voting out Brian then my made-up warning to Mark about Zachary will turn out true. If Mark ends up in the minority after this vote, looks like he should have jumped ship when I so kindly suggested him to.

I'm worried there's going to be a tribe swap after the double tribal council. Thankfully there's a lot of division going on at Knob so while they may outnumber Vostok members in the event of a tribe swap, we could stay alive by exploiting the little sub-groups and have them target one another. Alfons winning individual immunity is so great. As long as Knob are basing all their decisions around him, then they're not actually thinking what's best strategically. So whenever we meet up with Knob, we have a chance to mobilise one group to 'save Alfons' or 'take him out'."